Thursday, 7 October 2010

Crisis of confidence

Thanks for the fantastic response to my giveaway. I'm really excited and will choose the winners at the week-end with my trusty assistant Isabella.

Its been a bit of a funny week. I've had a sickness bug which wiped me out for a few days. Typically I got an order for 2 personalised aprons just as I started feeling ill. I've finished one of them but very annoyingly just as I was about to sew the name on the second one I noticed a mark on the fabric. I thought it was a crease initially but after much pressing its still there and is an actual mark on the fabric which just looks like a crease. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!! So annoying. I've had a real crisis of confidence about my aprons too. I'm fine if people see my things at craft fairs and pick them up and then want to buy them but if people ask me to make something especially for them I really panic and then have a real crisis of confidence when I have made it. I've got to take this to a play group tomorrow for a friend. Shes only seen my aprons in photographs. I know she'll be polite and say she likes it but whats if she doesn't really?? Anyone else ever feel like this??


  1. Hello I love your blog and the apron. I need your help since you are a UK blogger I am new to quilting and I have a basic Brother LS-2125 sewing machine, I recently discovered its not suitable for free motion quilting so I am in the market for a new sewing machine. Which machine do you use for your projects and where did you purchase yours?

  2. Your work is lovely - stop worrying. I always think mine isn't good enough too which is probably why I have never attempted to sell anything! If people are asking you to make things - they like it!

  3. I think unless you're making something for a friend who doesn't want to hurt your feelings, if someone is paying good money for something and they're not happy with it, then they would definitely let you know!

    Having said all that, I know exactly how you feel. It makes me a real perfectionist when fulfilling orders, and that's not a bad thing. I think it's one of the things that makes handmade stand out from mass produced - taking a pride in your work.

  4. How can she not like it? It's beautiful! I'm the same though, the reason I haven't started up a Folksy shop yet is because I don't think my stuff is up to scratch. It's ridiculous! You're probably more self critical because you're feeling all weak and feeble at the moment. Once you're better, you'll realise how beautiful your stuff is. Just keep thinking about all the fab comments people make when they buy your things at craft fairs. J x

  5. So many of us feel like you do, a few years ago a friend asked to make a Advent calendar for her Grandchildren and I said no because I thought my stuff was not good enough. She was hurt and couldn't explain and I now wish I had made it. We women always judge ourselves so harshly, she'll love what you made, and you'll grow in confidence each time you make something for others. I'd buy an apron.


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