Friday, 3 September 2010

Sneak Preview

I have been sewing away in my sweatshop sewing room trying to finish stuff for the kite festival for what feels like weeks now. I thought I'd take a few photos as I packed stuff up. Lets just hope someone buys it!!

Some new tooth fairy cusions

Some new hair clip tidies

I love this new cupcake fabric that I got for the baking bags

Little sewing kits that come with needles, pins, cotton, buttons, tape measure etc

Activity bags full of crayons and pads and quiet toys!

The gorgeous boat fabric was designed by Emily Pickle. Check out her blog

We have little purses for boys and girls

and of course new bibs!

I'm exhausted now and never want to sew another thing ever again!


  1. Wow Louise, you have been busy, very impressive. I hope the day is a success for you, and that you have fun after all your hard work.
    x K

  2. Good Luck with this weekend honey! I'm sure you'll sell lots and it will be a huge success.

  3. So truly scrumptious as ever...

    ...Good Luck Kisses...


  4. Well done you - hope it sells really well for you!


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