Monday, 6 September 2010

Kitschy Coo - an apology!

Dear Amanda,

I have an apology to make.

I saw the fabulous gym bag that you made on your blog

and pleaded with you to do a tutorial for it so I could make one for Izzy......and you did....the next day!!

Fabulous Tutorial HERE

I so meant to make one ready for Izzy's first day at school tomorrow. I even got the fabric ready honest - look...............

but I was just so busy manically sewing in my sweat shop for the kite festival that I just didn't get round to it and I have to admit that in a moment of madness and panic this happened....

Yes I admit it - I bought one at the craft market. It was just there staring me in the face, calling to me 'buy me, buy me' and I weighed up my options. Monday night spent watching The X Factor on TV on Demand or Monday night spent making a gym bag. You can guess which one won.

So Amanda I apologise for being hopeless and for not using your fantastic tutorial after you so kindly did it. I really did appreciate it and I am going to make one ready for next term I promise. You are clearly a better mother (and seamstress) than me!!

Lots of love and apologies

Louise x


  1. Haha, you scamp! That bag is very cute though, and if I read correctly (?) also handmade so totally forgiveable :)

  2. Phew! Yes handmade. Also the lady I bought it from bought something of the same value from me so no actual money changed hands!! I feel much better now...

  3. Thanks for the tip on the pump bag tute - I was thinking about making them for my two seen as their school bought ones are on their last legs!!

  4. I love that guitar fabric bag. I was all set to make my Izzy a shoe bag for school when my mother sent me one she'd bought from a market (not handmade). Hunh?! Annoying.


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