Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Kite Festival - Sunday

What can I say about Sunday apart from the fact that it rained....a lot!! It was such a shame as it really affected the numbers of people coming up to the festival and therefore coming into the craft marquee. We had a slow steady flow during the day but nothing like the numbers we had on Saturday.

We had 7 stalls remain from Saturday but some new stalls too which made it interesting. Having new stalls gave the market a completely different feel which I hadn't expected.We had the following people join us on Sunday...

Craftasmic with their amazing wooden kits. You really have to see them moving to appreciate how fab they were.

Coast West Organics with their organic wheatbags. I was very taken with their welly warmers!

Mimsical Pots and her beautiful stall full of hand made ceramics

I couldn't resist buying some buttons which came in a cute little bag made from recycled magazines.

Rock A Jewels who bought lots of lovely jewellery including this beautiful blue necklace

Get Noticed - another fellow fabric addict. Check out these gorgeous noticeboards and textiles

see the one at the front on the right. Thats now mine......yes this one

I've also got my eye on the kite one for Sam's room. I've already got two others -  one in my kitchen and one in Izzy's room!!

Happy Holistics. Lovely organic skin care products. A big thanks to Kelly and her lovely partner for bringing me cups of tea and entertaining my daughter with fairy talk and also for making her some fairy wands out of willow. You made her day!

Uchi who designs very cool t shirts, hoodies and prints. Jon has his eye on one of Uchi's prints for his 40th birthday.

I had a stall on my own on Sunday and tried a different display

It was such a shame about the weather. I think most stall holders did ok but again I noticed that people didn't seem to be spending much. Here are my thoughts on why for what they are worth...

1) People generally do not have so much disposable income at the moment. I know I am much more careful about impulse buys at the moment (although you wouldn't believe it from my blog!).

2) Its not close enough to Christmas so people are not yet in that present shopping frame of mind yet.

3) Its a big event. There are lots of other things to spend money on. If you come as a family and pay for parking, food for everyone, have a go on the bouncy castle, face painting, buy a kite etc etc you have probably already spent a fair amount of money before you get to the craft marquee.

4) There is no cash point on site. Once you've spent your money there is nowhere else to get some more!

4) People going to a kite festival  generally want to sit and watch the kites and soak up the atmosphere - they don't necessarily want to to buy stuff and carry it around all day.

All things to think about for next year. Organising the craft market was good fun but I did feel a responsibility towards the sellers and worried about whether they were having a good day and selling lots. I think the craft market was definitely a good addition to the kite festival and gave it an added dimension. We just need to think carefully about balancing costs for sellers against costs to the kite festival and weigh up whether its financially viable to run it every year so that everyone benefits.  I think if we do run it again I wouldn't have a stall myself. I just don't have the time to make things and organise it and I didn't like being stuck on my stall all day. I missed being able to see all the kites with my children and join in the fun!

Any comments from stall holders or people who attended the market (or anyone else) very welcome (good or bad!). Its all a big learning curve!!


  1. Wow! Where to look first! Everything looks brilliant, I wouldn't have known where to start!

  2. Hi - just posted a really long post and then managed to delete it! Anyway to summarise - you did a really good job organising it. I think people were just interested in spending money on food - how well did the cakes go down on Saturday for instance? People don't seem to be buying 'impulse buys'.
    Don't beat yourself up about it - it's really good publicity for the stall holders just on your blog. Right I am off to buy one of those wooden kits from Craftasmic - the Carousel looks fab!
    Cath xx
    P.S. When you have recovered, can I get my table cloth/duvet cover(!) back from you? Thanks again.


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