Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Kite Festival - Saturday

I think I've finally recovered from the Kite Festival. It was a great experience but really hard work organising it all as well as trying to make stuff. Saturday was really busy as the weather was lovely. They think it was possibly one of the busiest days they have ever had which was great for me in terms of foot fall. Not so sure people were spending much money though sadly but more of that later. Cloth magazine ran a great kite making/decorating workshop in conjunction with The Makery. We had some fantastic stalls...

Miss Cuppy Cakes with her fantastic cupcakes. I had a lemon one and it was scrumptious!

Strawberry Annie with her fantastic tutu's and childrens hair accessories. She also makes gorgeous dresses. I now own one!!

Encanto with their beautiful jewellery

Electro27 who had a fantastic range of limited edition t shirts

From Little Seeds shared her stall with two other illustrators Tom Mead and Emma Dibben and had gorgeous textiles and prints.

I shared my stall with Cath from egiraffe. We talked about fabric.....a lot!

Culture Closet with gorgeous jewellery and hair accessories

Liz Clayton and Sophia Bloxham with gorgeous textiles and cards

Rainbow Makers and their range of craft kits for children

Sarah Kee - more lovely jewellery

The Swine Club. They meet and sew with wine!!

UK Event Photos with some stunning photography

Forever Living with their aloe vera products

Aklu Tee who designed these lovely t shirts with kites on. Check out those cute little babygros

George and Vee who had a lovely stall full of colourful jewellery and recycled sari's

Thanks to the annoying person who didn't turn up or let me know they weren't coming. They also had the nerve to email me this week to ask me to check out their new website!Some people!!

The kite festival has a party in the evening for the kite flyers so I was on site from 7.30am til midnight. It was a long day! I think most people did ok but people definitely didn't seem to be spending lots of money which is a shame and no reflection on the lovely items for sale. I have pondered this. More of my thoughts tomorrow in the second installment!


  1. What a Lovely selection for sale...

  2. I'm sorry that someone let you down - annoying & frustrating. I'm now of the view that unless you charge high prices (which I am not comfortable doing), then this kind of event isn't worthwhile, financially or from a stress perspective. I am already committed to a fayre next month but am not going to bother after that. I want to try and revert to crafting for fun rather than filling a stall for rude people to criticise.xx

  3. wow! looks like a great success .... and a lot of hard work!

  4. Wow you did well organising all that. xxx


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