Saturday, 14 August 2010

Swap Shop!

I bought some new fabric recently and while I love most of the fabric I ordered, one of the fabrics 'Week-ends by Erin McMorris' just doesn't really do it for me.

Its a gorgeous fabric but I bought it thinking I might make a little dress for Izzy and the colours in real life just don't feel very child like if that makes sense? The background is  a pale grey and the flowers more lilac and purple than I imagined. Such a shame as I bought a metre of it. I was going to put it in my fabric stash but it feels like such a waste. I know that I am never going to use it and I don't love it enough to just want to keep it to look at! So what to do?

Swop it with someone thats what! I was taken back to my youth and the days of Noel Edmonds Multi Coloured Swap Shop. There must be someone out there who loves this fabric and has a metre of their own unloved fabric that they want to swap it for. So is anyone up for swapping? If you are interested please leave a message with the name of your fabric (if known) and in the event of there being several choices I will pick the one I love the most. We can then each pay the postage and voila we will (hopefully) have a metre of fabric we both love. The people who don't swap with me can then do their own swapping post on their blogs maybe and we can start a swapping revolution!!

What do you think? Are you up for it?


  1. Hi. I think Idea is lovely,i do have some fabric what i am not using and swap shop would be perfect think to do. I am not sure if fabric what i got would good enough for you , but i will see what i got .

  2. I've got a metre of Tufted Tweets fabric (Avian Therapy in Grass) which is a very kitsch blue background and then lime green sofas in the foreground. Sounds v strange but it's gorgeous! I bought it to make cushions for our new sofa/extension but my husband hates it (he hasn't got a clue). I'm happy to swap if it's your kind of fabric, no problem whatsoever if it isn't. Jane x

  3. Thanks both of you for responding. Much appreciated. I think I might have to go with Jane's fabric as its a new one to me and I've just googled it and I love it!! Can you email me please Jane as I couldn't work out how to contact you!
    Crafty smiles - If I find any more unloved fabric in my stash I would def be up for swapping with you in the future!


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