Wednesday, 11 August 2010

How long will I love you?

Before I had children I was massively into music. I worked in a record shop, bought hundreds of CD's and saw lots and lots of live bands. My ideal afternoon was spent browsing a record shop or fair looking for some obscure 7 inch single or 12 inch remix and evenings were spent going to gigs. I loved lots of bands but the band I always loved the most were The Waterboys.

My favourite ever album has always been 'This is the sea' by The Waterboys. I have played it a million times during my life. I love every song on it from the start to the finish and will never tire of listening to it.

In my younger days I followed the band around for a while having mad adventures with fellow Waterboys fans in the UK and Ireland. I danced on stage with them once (must have been very drunk!) and spent many hours debating the genius that is Mike Scott with friends. I soaked up his influences discovering Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones through him. His music made me fall in love with the mandolin and fiddle and trumpet. I loved the way that he kept reinventing himself and the fact that he never sold out preferring to make the music he chose.

As I've got older and had children the influence of music has waned slightly. We play music in the house all the time but I no longer spend hours in record shops (more soft play areas) and I'm not so easily impressed with a romantic song lyric anymore (is that sad?). Gigs are a rarity now although I did go and see The Waterboys when they played in Bristol a couple of years ago. (It was fantastic but I was pleased I had a seat and it was very loud!!). Today however I feel like I'm 20 again. I am VERY excited. Why? Because in a moment of madness I tweeted Mike Scott to tell him that one of his songs had played at a wedding reception I went to at the week-end and how fab it had sounded and you know what? He only went and tweeted back!! Only two words granted but two words direct from the man himself.

I love modern technology and Mike Scott you have made my I just need to you to leave a comment on my blog!!


  1. How exciting!! I quite like the waterboys too and am def. more of a music kinda girl than a TV girl, give me an ipod anyday and I'll forgoe the TV!!

  2. 認識自己,是發現妳的真性格、掌握妳的命運、創照你前程的根源。......................................................

  3. You sound just like my daughter who is very much into 'her' kind of music...and shes 39 now and a mum too!. It's lovely to see that such a small thing can make someone's day. I hope your wish comes true, though I think you had better be sitting down if it does.

  4. You have brought back so many memories and Oh Van Morrison what a man. Bob Dylan and his moody sounds and of course the R.S. - Oh dear could a woman of 57 learn how to tweet and maybe just maybe Paul McCartny would tweet back. I live in hope.....
    Beverley x

  5. 心中醒,口中說,紙上作,不從身上習過,皆無用也。..................................................


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