Saturday, 21 August 2010

Fame at last and a dilema

Arrangements for the craft market at the Kite Festival are going well. We are pretty much booked up now in the craft market for the entire week-end and we got featured in the Bristol Evening Post yesterday which is great publicity. You can read the article here if you like! I'm sewing like a mad women trying to get my stock together and I am just praying that it doesn't rain over the week end. Rain is my worst nightmare. Its a really well established event and if the weather is good there will be thousands of people there but if it rains.......   so think positive thoughts for me!

I've had a bit of a dilema recently. I have started to get approached by various PR companies asking me to review products on my blog. I seem to remember a while ago writing a comment on someone elses blog saying that I didn't like people reviewing things or doing sponsored posts blah blah and that I wouldn't do it on my blog. Then someone wrote asking me if I wanted to test some washing powder and I was ridiculously over excited by the fact that a) someone was going to send me something free and b) someone actually wanted my opinion on something. I decided that it wasn't for me until I noticed  that you also got a rather lovely spotty peg bag with the washing powder. Lets just say my principles aren't quite as strong as they used to be as that peg bag is now hanging in my utility room next to the washing machine!

I've since had quite a few offers. Some don't appeal at all but some do and I've been agonizing about what to do with them. I came to a conclusion yesterday when I got asked to review a sewing book. I should just do whatever I like. Its my blog and I didn't think that anyone would read it when I started it. Its been a really interesting journey with fantastic adventures along the way with swaps and present challenges and stalking famous people and so if someone asks me to review something that really interests me (sewing book) or is relevant to my life (washing powder!) then I'm going to do it. If it doesn't interest me I won't. I have decided though that I won't accept money for reviewing things - I want blogging to be fun and not a job.

What do other people think? Anyone else have this dilema?

Also  I need your help. Can someone please tell me how to stop people commenting on my blog with messages like these...愛,拆開來是心和受兩個字。用心去. It keeps happening and I'm not sure why but its really annoying. I know you can block people but only if they follow you. Not sure how you block random people who leave comments.


  1. If you go to your dashboard - settings - comments. There are options for moderating your comments including approving your comments before you publish.

    Maybe you have some chinese followers. Perhaps you should translate a comment to see what it says. Type translate and the comment in to the google search box and it should come up!

  2. I get loads of these too - only on my Blogger blogs though, so I always moderate now. They just suddenly started, so I assume it's spam, but very irritating.

    In terms of reviews, I think if they are products relevant to your blog, then that's fine. I for one though prefer to be paid for it in some way, unless it's for something you particularly like, or a new, small company that doesn't have a lot of money for marketing.

    After all, larger businesses generally do have some kind of marketing budget for the purpose. I for one would feel a bit exploited if I was expected to do it for nothing. The PR agency won't be working for free, so why should you? Just my opinion, but then we do need the cash at the moment!

  3. I think that you're doing the right thing - as you say it is your blog after all! You would normally write about things that interest you, so this is just the same. How very flattering to be asked, lucky you and enjoy it.xx

  4. I think that it is your blog, your choice. I love the fact that all the blogs I read are different. Some are a free, some review, some dont - choice is great

  5. i recently got asked buy Dotcomgiftshop to review 3 cardmaking kits on my blog(first kit just posted)and to be honest...after picking myself up off the floor...i couldn't wait to email them back saying ive never been asked before...and to be asked i think its a honor...but only if the products are relevent to your blog.

    and as for those spam comments..ive had loads of them as well...don't click on the links,i made that mistake and had a shock of my just glad my 2 young boys wasn't near me at the the answer to stopping them,the lovely is it just mre or has explained how!
    Best of luck with the craft market..i too hope it doesn't rain that weekend as we are going camping for 3 nights to
    hugs clare x

  6. Just have fun and enjoy it. It is your blog and up to you what you do with it. I'd never say no to a useful freebie. . . :o)

    Fiona. xxx

  7. Why not do reviews if you like the product? I have been invited to do some promotional giveaways but only did the dvd giveaway because it was something I would have watched - other offers haven't appealed and I am wary of whether the offers are genuine or not. I think like you said, it's your blog and you should do what makes you happy but with caution.

  8. Hello you, would have been lovely to meet up, yes definately next time :0) I agree do what you feel happy with, I have had similar requests, and had a ball at the John lewis ( i love to shop at john lewis ) event in london, and then the nutella ( i love nutella ) event, it is a bit of a change to my normal day, have met some lovely people and hopefully is of interest to my readers, now if I could only review jimmy choos and Ralph lauren he he

    I have been getting the comments too, it has been recommended to my to have disque or something to help filter out these comments, I shall learn more about it and get back to you xx

  9. Disqus is what I gather one needs to install and then can mark some comments as spam, i havent popped it on, need to find out more how to, but thought I would let you know x

  10. Good write up, hope the weather holds up for you. I think the reviews are great if they are really what you and your family would buy and use and your readers get a genuine review.

    I've had those chinese comments in the past and they've linked back to something pay day loan related! really annoying..set your comments to be approved by a moderator first and then you can delete them before they're published :)

  11. Thanks everyone for all your help and advice. Have enabled the comment moderation now so hopefully can weed out all the spam comments. Going to follow advice and do reviews for things that I like. Watch this space for a fab sewing book giveaway soon!!

  12. Thank you for joining my blog. Your blog is so cute! You make the cutest stuff :)

  13. How exciting! As people have said you decide what you want to review and as long as you can be honest there shouldn't be a problem. I for one forgive you for selling your soul for a peg bag! ;)


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