Saturday, 17 July 2010

What if...

A couple of weeks ago this happened

A picture hanging above the fireplace in our lounge fell off the wall and smashed on the floor. The floor that only 5 minutes before my children had been playing on. I just can't bear to think what would have happened if they had been in the room when this happened. Luckily they had just moved in to the next door room when we heard the crash. The fixing on the back of the picture gave way so the picture just fell of the wall and hit the floor. It was very scary and glass went everywhere. I am now completely paranoid about every picture and mirror hanging in my house. Lady luck was on my side that day I think.

Moving on to more cheerful things. Izzy got her Gold gym badge yesterday. The children gave a little display before being awarded with their badges. They were fantastic!

and she also got to meet Fireman Sam. My little Sam despite being obsessed with fire engines was terrified by the costume and refused all attempts to get a photo with him. Hilariously the man inside the costume turned out to be someone I went to school with and the fireman on the day who drew the short straw and had to wear the costume in the 90 degree sunshine!

Been a bit quiet on the sewing front recently. I did make a cushion cover for Justine from Sew Justine Sew. Justine is getting married soon and wanted some presents to give her husband to be. Bloggers were very kind to me when I did my 70 presents challenge so I thought I would try and make something for Justine's husband. Its actually really hard to make things for men I think. I had some photo transfer paper so decided I would try using that with some photos Justine emailed me. I ended up putting some photos of her husband and their children on the cushion cover with the words 'to love and to cherish' from the wedding vows and the date of the wedding. Not sure if it worked but its the thought that counts right?!


  1. Scary about the photo.... and the cushion is lovely I am sure he will love it to bits.

  2. Maybe you have a ghost???? Woooooooooooooo!
    Ha ha, now I have scared you even more!
    I have some of that transfer paper, you've inspired me to go off and use it. X
    p.s. hmmmmmmmmm firemen!!!

  3. Great cushion. Pictures have a nasty habit of doing that don't they.

  4. Hi Louise
    O how scary was that. It was both amazing and fortunate that the children had just moved. Just take it that someone is looking after them!
    The cushion was a great idea and I am sure it was well received.


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