Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I am in love...

with my new cupcake stand.

 Admittedly my cupcakes don't look like this but the stand is fab. Perfect for Izzy's birthday party.

and my dinosaur sandwich cutter for Sam's birthday party.

I am now officially in love with Lakeland products. Now where is that catalogue....


  1. Love the cake stand - wish my cupcakes looked like that!!

  2. I only just realised this week that there is a Lakeland plastics only 10 mins from me!!!!! I feel 'Dino butties' coming on!!
    Have you seen my cupcakes? If I can make them ANYONE can Hun. ha ha x

  3. I love the sandwich cutter!!!

    And I love the cupcake holder!! Was the cupcake holder from Lakeland as well?
    Michelle x

  4. Love the cupcake holder and as Michelle asked was that fom Lakeland? If so will be ordering one asap.
    Beverley x

  5. Yes both from Lakeland. I seriously want to buy the whole catalogue and spend all day making cakes!

  6. Love them both. The dino cutter is a fun way to cut off the crusts!!

  7. If I had that cakestand, I would so be in love too, I would not be able to take my eyes off it. And that sandwich cutter is just pure genius, Im definately having me one of those, oh yes.

  8. Love them both!!!! Soooo getting the dino cutter first chance! xxx


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