Thursday, 10 June 2010

Thanks Ant and Dec

You may remember that last year I set myself the challenge of organising 70 presents for my mums 70th birthday on Christmas Day. One of my ideas was to email various celebs asking for signed photos as a cheap way of getting the total up! This kept me amused for many days usually as a way of completely avoiding doing anything productive with my time. Top celeb was obviously Phillip Schofield who sent me a signed photo in 3 days (check out the Silver Fox in all his glory here. I had kind of forgotten about it until yesterday when I opened my post and found this

A signed photo of Ant and Dec! Its only 6 months late but hey better late than never. Shame on you Alan Titchmarsh, the Loose Women, Simon Cowell, Torvill and Dean and Cliff Richard for your lack of response (they were for my mum!). I'll just have to keep Ant and Dec for myself.

Had a little shopping trip to John Lewis the other day to spend some birthday vouchers. Couldn't resist the following gorgeous fabrics

and a couple of books to inspire me

I had a go making a hair band tidy for Izzy. She had hundreds of hair clips and bands strewn across her bedroom and I had been meaning to make one for a while. I'm pretty pleased with it and think I will make some to sell at my next craft market. Apologies for the terrible photos taken on my phone in bad light. It was the best I could do!

The clips go on the long ribbon bit and at the bottom there is a loop for the hair bands that has a popper fastening behind the smaller flower. Izzy loved it. I'm going to try some different designs like butterflies and cupcakes I think.

Finally my little baby Sam is now a big boy in his very own big boys bed! We caught him trying to climb out of the cot and knew that was it. His cot converted into a cot bed and he absolutely loves it. He stays in his bed in the morning now reading his books rather than shouting at us to get him up like he used to at 6.30am every morning. We just need to get rid of that dummy now......


  1. Love the fabric and I have the weekend sewing book too. There are some interesting things in it. Great idea the hair band tidy. Looks very pretty.
    Real bummer about the autographs,(or lack of) there were some there that really surprised me!

  2. what lovely fabrics, I may make an expedition to John Lewis just to take a look! and what a lovely little bedroom your lad has - who wouldn't want to lie in reading books!

  3. Oh that hair tidy is a real good idea! I might have to commission you to make one for Little Miss H as we too have the same problem of hair accessories everywhere!

  4. Oh do tell me what the second book is like. I also need to get rid of the dummy from Mini, but I am not strssing - yet

  5. that first fabric is to die for, the second is lovely too.
    my wee one is still dummied nbut not yet 2 so not too worried, he will forget about it all day some days and others wont be without it!xx

  6. Good choice of fabric! Books look interesting too, and it's not too long to pay day...
    Jille x

  7. As usual - GREAT choices Lu. The fabric is gorgeous!!! And those books look so lovely. You'll have to lock yourself away and settle down for a nice quiet read with a cuppa :-) Big thumbs up for the hair tidy. Such a good idea and really funky flowers! They'll sell like hot cakes. Samkins look soooo cute. What a milestone going in his big boy bed! xxx

  8. 過去的事早已消失,未來的事更渺不可知,只有現在是真實的..............................

  9. I have a feeling it's nearly time to put our Sam in a big boy bed but looking at the picture of your Sam I don't know if I can! He looks so grown up!

    I had a look on your Folksy page the other day. Are you making anymore of those gorgeous bibs you had a few months ago? Only I have 4 lovely friends ready to pop over the summer & I'm just dying to get them one of your bibs!

  10. Ooh, I love that hair tidy too. I've just had a daughter so in a couple of years I may just be needing one... And I certainly remember my son climbing out of his cotbed! Didn't make as much of a crash as I thought he would!


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