Saturday, 15 May 2010


We have a fantastic shop near us called What! Its like a pound shop but bigger and nicer and sells lots of really cheap craft stuff (it also sells lots of cheap tat) but if you are happy to browse you can usually fill a trolley with stuff especially if like me you have a daughter who loves making cards and pictures and who uses glitter and glue by the gallon. Basically everything I buy in What! is 97p pretty much. So here are some of todays bargains. I'll spare you the pictures of glue sticks, gloopy glue, paper, card and blu tack and go straight to the good stuff



I love these gorgeous pegs. They are great for displaying the latest works of art from Izzy. I just blue tack them to the wall and peg the pictures up. I also use these at craft fairs to display my prices.

 Izzy chose various glitter pens, stickers and pens. You can't have too much glitter though can you?


These sewing kits were 97p. They have pins, needles, needle threader, tape measure, thimble, pin cusion, buttons, safety pins, 10 little coloured reels of cotton, black and white cotton and a pair of scissors. What a bargain. Perfect for my little sewing kits.


These childrens gardening kits were 97p too. A little trowel, spade and rake. I'm going to try and make a gardening belt/apron thing for these. Maybe add some little gardening gloves and a packet of seeds too.


These little jars were 6 for 97p so I bought them and filled them with my buttons. Very satisfying. They are now in my sewing room.

These boxes were Tesco. I've seen them on several blogs and admired them and today I actually found them so I'm really pleased.

A few people have asked how I make my bibs and what they are backed with. I use ordinary cream towelling material on the back which is really absorbent and good for milk spills. Its pretty cheap too. I tried other fabric like an organic cotton waffle fabric but too be honest the towelling does the job really well and washes well at hot temperatures. I basically drew around my favourite shaped bibs and used those as template tweaking them slightly until I was happy with the way they looked. Sam was my guinea pig and now funnily enough flatly refuses to wear ANY sort of bib at all!  I have a small baby size and a larger toddler size and use the snaps that you hammer on as the fastener. They look really professional but you could use velcro instead. Maybe I should do a tutorial? They are pretty straight forward to make.


  1. WHAT a fab load of goodies, especially liking the jars and pegs!

  2. Well done with your buys! The glass jars are a steal! "WHAT" a bargain. Perfect supplier for the sew kits and kids gardening tools...I love this shop - going to have to have a spend up there soon :-) x

  3. louise i want you to run back to WHAT! now and grab as many of those jars as you can, go! go! go!
    why haven't i got a WHAT! shop near me....:(

  4. Good Evening Hun x

    Wow..what great finds..We also have the What! Shop near us...and i love it..esp the craft section..and hubby is happy at the tool ive seen those cute pegs..but bought the cute wooden boxes full of ladybirds,Bubble Bees and frogs...and made Calenders and Book markers using them...they sold like hot cakes at work(pic on card making blog)ive not made a trip to the shop for a while..but you have tempted me back very
    Thanks for sharing your goodies..have a lovely weekend Hugs Clare x

  5. Me Just for those that may live in S.Wales Or Near...We have a What shop in Cardiff on Newport Rd and also in a town called Cwmbarn..just outside the shopping center.
    Hope this helps anyone xx

  6. Great buys! We don't have a What but do have a brilliant Poundland with a decent craft section. Love the pegs!

  7. Great buys and thanks for the info, where fo you source it, so do you just buy a towel?

  8. WHAT looks a lot better than the pound shops we have around here! Coveting the jars too...

  9. Great buys - the little pegs are fab.

  10. I want a What!

    Lots of fab buys.


  11. Oh wish I had a what near me. Love the peg idea for displaying prices and tge childrens gardening tools in an apron is a stroke of genius.

    Clever lady.


  12. i agree about the towelling - it makes a really absorbent bib. mine are very similar shape but after freddie used to yank anything off, i experimented and came up with an elastic loop plus a large vintage button. it stays pretty securely and the button is well reinforced. and the quilting fabric you use as well would wash brilliantly, the bibs last more than one baby... i need to make some more. it has been months!

  13. and i buy towels from ikea for the backing.!


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