Sunday, 30 May 2010

Fabric Swap Goodies and some makes!

I recently joined in a lovely fabric swap organised by CraftyHelen@Home and was lucky enough to be paired up with Clare from Button Patch. A few days ago this lovely package of parcels arrived all beautifully wrapped. I was VERY pleased with my goodies which included

Some gorgeous fabric. Clare was spot on with her choices...

Some of Clares lovely handmade cards. I've decided to save two to frame and will use the other two (but only to special friends!)

A lovely little lavender heart which has been claimed by Izzy

A little bits and bobs box (how cute is that?) with some more little scrabble tiles, some buttons and a little bracelet kit.

plus did i mention this beautiful ribbon??

All topped off with another lovely cupcake card and some of Clare's new Moo business cards (I have serious Moo card envy. They are lovely!)

I was seriously inspired by my new stash of goodies so a big thanks to both Clare and Helen. 

Motivated by my new fabric I finally got round to making Izzy a sunglasses case and purse for the holidays using Clare's lovely pink polka dot fabric as the lining. The purse was easy enough - I think I've cracked purses with linings now but the sunglass case was a bit of a nightmare. I wanted a little strap with poppers that Izzy could use to attach the case to her jeans or to a bag if she wanted. My sewing machine really struggles when I try and sew any thin straps though. It just won't feed the fabric through properly. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong? I eventually got it to work down the length of the strap but when i tried to do the short ends it just wasn't having it. I ended up bodging finishing it by hand. I wouldn't mind but this is a fairly expensive sewing machine and it should be able to handle thin straps surely?. I remember having the same problem when I tried to make a dress for Izzy last year. Any advice? Anyway here are the finished items...


and a lovely photo of Sam just because he is so cute at the moment


  1. Nice stuff! Love the fabric you used for Izzy's pouches. And where did you get her sunglasses? Maia needs those!

    As far as sewing the thin straps, is it that your machine is eating it? If so, I find that a new sharp needle can help. Also, if you start in the middle and then sew to one end, and then from the middle to the other end it won't be able to punch the fabric down the way it does when you try to start at the edge. Hope that helps :) It is very frustrating...

  2. Oh, so many lovely things! congrats to you :)

    I use Kitschy Coo's method for sewing 1/4 inch binding onto my tie-top sundresses. But if you do want to start at an end and sew one long continuous stitch (which eliminates any backstitched thread bunching in the middle), you can place a piece of paper under your tie and sew through both. Then just rip away the paper when you're done.

  3. Such gorgeous swap items:)

    I do the paper thing too, I've even resorted to taping the wee bugger to an A4 sheet and sewing the whole caboodle together before tearing away the tape and paper:)

  4. Lovely cards and great makes!

  5. What a lovely load of goodies, those cards are gorgeous - very pretty xx

  6. Lovely goodies,I bet you were so pleased! I need to make my little girl a purse for her hair bobbles etc for when we go to the states over the summer but I'm a bit scared of zips! Think I may just have to bite the bullet and have a go! J xx

  7. Lovely goodies and makes! xxx

  8. Wow clever you and i love the cool sunglasses,you are a lucky lady getting all those goodies, i must get my fingers working and join in....x

  9. Thanks so much for joining in the swap. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.xx

  10. I'm so pleased you liked your goodies and to put the dotty fabric to use so quickly was very touching. I'm glad the heart has gone to a good home too. Have fun with all the rest and thank you for being a fantastic swap buddy.


  11. Lovely things, I adore the scrabble tiles they are great. Oh and i too have the same issues with ties, I will be attempting the paper way.

  12. Gorgeous swap goodies!!! WOW. Very inspiring. And LOVE your glasses pouches. What a lucky girl Izzy is to have a clever mummy who can MAKE her that :-) x

  13. WOO...your swap goodies are sooo gorgeous!
    And i just love the sunglasses case...and the lush!
    Hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend Hugs Clare x

  14. What great pressies. No wonder you were pleased. the fabric is great and I love the little box. Great sunglasses case, the fabric is lovely and the polka dot goes with it a treat.


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