Wednesday, 19 May 2010

bad news sandwich

Its been a funny old week with lots of highs and lows. I'll give you a bad news sandwich shall I? Isn't that what they did with Gordon Brown - start with some good news, drop in the bad news and then finish with some more good news!

The craft event at the Kite Festival is definitely happening and we can start contacting people this week. Woo hoo. I had a great meeting on Monday in Bristol (which I drove too!!) and we are all set to go. Only thing we need now is a snappy name for it. Craft market or craft marquee just doesn't do it for me. I want a name like Stitch and Bitch or Handmade Nation or my latest favourite Swine Club (sewing with wine). So come on guys I need you to come up with a name for me. I promise that if anyone comes up with a name that we end up using I will send them a little something to say thank you. It'll have to get past my 2 colleagues first though! Although the craft market will be a part of the Kite Festival I think that it needs a bit of its own identity too and as the Kite festival attracts lots of trendy 30 somethings it needs to be a bit funky. So get your thinking caps on - I know that you won't let me down! Jon suggested 'Make and Bake' - which might work if we could get a nice little stall selling cupcakes in the marquee??

The bad news is that my little local pre school that I love is really down on numbers for next September and we are having to think about making some of the staff redundant. Its so horrible. I thought being on the committee would be about running cake stalls not making people lose their jobs. Thats been pretty horrible this week. Any ideas on how we can get more children welcome. We are doing a leaflet drop at the week-end. Last year we were over subscribed!! Not sure what is going on but its not good.

On a lighter note Izzy is starting school in September and this evening we went for a visit. It was sooo exciting. Me and my fellow pre school mums spent the whole evening squealing with excitement. We've got all our dates now AND a uniform list! Its a catholic school which will be a bit strange for me as I am not religious in any way but it has an outstanding ofsted and a really lovely feel to it. Jon was bought up catholic so the religious aspect is much more familiar to him than me. Can't wait to tell Izzy all about it tomorrow.

Looking forward to hearing those names!!


  1. I am so sorry regarding the preschool and isnt time flying about starting school. Mini starts in September and I just dont want him to go.

    How about Airborne Artisans

  2. I do bad news sandwiches all the time - they work a treat at hiding bad stuff in between a couple of positives.

    Sorry to hear about your local school - have the demographics changed in the area? Are there fewer children to enter the school? You could talk to the parents and find out if there are any perceptions re quality, or any other hints as to the school's reputation changing this year? It's unlikely to be because of reputation in such a short space of time though... so more likely there are fewer people of the right age to enter the school. Is there another pre-school nearby? What are their numbers like? Where do the littluns go before they enter the preschool? If there are any nurseries nearby could you go along and talk to the mummies there about what they think of your preschool?

    Great news about the craft stall - sounds exciting! Re names, this is the best I can come up with for this time of the morning:
    - Crafty Coven
    - Creative Coven
    - Cakes and crafting
    - Polka dots and pretties
    - Handmade, homebound

    Look forward to seeing what else everyone comes up with.

    Good luck with Izzy and the new school - what an exciting few months! Take care, Lucy xox

  3. Sorry to hear about your pre-school - been in a similr position on a committe a few years ago. You need to raise your profile - an open day, local press features? Do you have a good Ofsted you can shout about?
    Best of luck.

    PS we have a Vintage and Modern Market in our area.

  4. What about "UP Market" (not that it should need spelling out but just thinking about kites etc!)

    Or - "The Big Craft UP"
    Or - "Crafts to Fly for" ok pushing it a little there!

    Fingers crossed for the preschool and good luck with the fair!

  5. Oh My Goodness! It is you! I saw Jo-Ann on Wednesday and she mentioned the kite craft thing and said she was doing it with a friend called Louise. "How odd!" said I "I think I stumbled across her blog today" and now that I've read your comment about Swine I know it truely is you. SEWine Club is what I called the get togethers with a few friends to do crafty things. The name and the meetings have caught on and we have a monthly get together and different people join in all the time, it's great, you should come!
    Right, best go back and read the rest of your post, I just had to comment right away.
    Gayna x
    ps you're in my favourites. My blog is in the start up phase but I think you might like it when I get going.

  6. 人生最大的榮耀,不是永遠不敗,而是屢仆屢戰........................................

  7. Just off the top of my head I thought of 'Stitched Up'. Sewing and the dizzy heights of kites in one?

    Anyway sorry to hear about the Pre-school that would make me feel dreadful.


  8. I know this is an older post but just reading through some of your blog. re committee I'm also on a preschool committee and we have faced much the same this year where as other years over subscribed I think it is a demographics thing this year probably. We discussed redundincies but managed to dodge them by cutting hours and increasing fund raising. Also goverment have changed hours required so I think fees they pay are also going up slightly which might help? Only an extra 15mins or something a session but I remember it being discussed at a meeting.


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