Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I am loving work. I know its only been 4 days but its been quite liberating going off to work each morning. Maybe its still a novelty at the moment but I think its going to be a really interesting job. I have totally faced my fear about driving this week. I've had to go off to all sorts of places and I feel very proud of myself because so far I have done it and its been ok. I have had some comedy driving moments where I have been driving round and round big roundabouts 3 or 4 times because I've been in the wrong lane and been too scared to change lanes but apart from that no major disasters so far (touches wood!)

I do keep having moments of self doubt though.Everyone else seems so confident and knowledgable. I know I am new but I feel like I don't have an opinion on anything sometimes. I doubt my ability to do anything and wonder why they have chosen me for this job when there must have been much better candidates. I feel like I will be found out any day now! Its a confidence thing I guess.

I've almost re-organised my sewing room now. Will post some photos soon. Its fab and was a present from Jon for my birthday. Hopefully when its all finished I can find my sewing mojo again and get motivated to start making things. Anyway better go and get ready for work tomorrow!


  1. Hi hon. Great to hear you're enjoying work - I still find it such a nice change to become a colleague again come Monday morning, rather than a mummy/wife (although the other two roles are still my faves).

    It's natural to feel a bit anxious with a new job but bet you're being brill - you wouldn't enjoy it if you weren't doing well. Can't wait to see photos of your sewing room. I still regularly lose hours online drooling over other people's fabulous sewing/craft rooms on their blogs - my precious sewing machine is set up on our kitchen table, in amongst wet wipes, magazines, unopened post, half eaten biscuits.... one day I too will have a sewing room!! xox

  2. hi louise glad to hear that you're enjoying your new job, don't worry though your confidence will grow a little every day and it's normal to feel a little anxious when you're the new girl!!
    can't wait to see pictureso f your sewing room, if its all tidy i might make me want to have a bit of a tidy up in mine although it is having a makeover on the outside as we speak!!!
    take care

  3. They chose you because you had the right attitude and potential. You will do OK. Confidence grows fairly quickly when you start something, look at your driving already. Glad you are enjoying it, that is really something. Good luck
    Jenny x

  4. How inspiring. I'm due to return to work again soon after 12 months of writing at home. I do a very different job to writing books and so often my confidence dips when I go back into the world and do what I was trained to do. I'm nervous, but reading your post has given me a lift, so thanks, and good luck, Karen x

  5. So glad you are enjoying it, I am sure you were the best person for the job and once you get your feet under the table so to speak you will feel a lot better about it.

    I can not wait for sewing room piccies

  6. Good for you!! Have faith in yourself :-) xx

  7. Hi Louise, just to let you know that I have awarded you a beautiful blogger award as part of the award I received from Beth @ The Linen Cat! Pop over to my blog to see what's what but please don't feel obliged to pass it on I know you're busy with your new job and (green envy) new sewing room!! Justine xx


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