Thursday, 8 April 2010

Top Ten fabrics

As I am nearing 40 (only 5 days to go!) I figured I needed to cheer myself up so I bought some more fabric. Can you be a fabricholic do you think? Anyway this lovely parcel arrived from Seamstar yesterday...

This is gorgeous and I'm going to attempt to make a dress or skirt for Izzy

Thought I might make some bibs out of this

and some little sewing kits out of this

Courtney at Seamstar sells gorgeous fabrics which always arrive super fast wrapped in lovely tissue paper.
I really recomend them. She has just started a new blog too so check it out! Her latest post was about her top 10 favourite fabrics. Now this got me thinking about mine. What to choose?? There are just so many lovely fabrics that I couldn't narrow it down to 10 so I thought I would do a list of my top 10 favourite childrens fabrics. I use a lot of these and these are the ones I love the most and/or the ones that sell the best!

No 10 - Buckaroo Round Up. Not sure who its by but I love it and have sold lots of bibs made of this one. It also comes in blue.


No. 9 - You and Me by Alexander Henry
Quite new to me but so cute. Not sure what to make though. Maybe book bags?

No 8 Sweet Tooth by Robert Kaufman
Comes in pink, white and blue. A favourite for my baking bags.

No 7 - Yui Kokeshi by Alexander Henry
Sold lots of bibs and bags in this one

No 6 - China Doll by Michael Miller
Again great for bibs and bags

No 5 - Flamingo Floral by Michael Miller
This is such a fun fabic. Great for little sewing kits and purses

No 4 - Pet Deer by Michael Miller
So cute for bibs

No 3 - Kids Zoo by Michael Miller
A good one for boys bibs

No 2 - Confections by Caleb Gray
Only just discovered this one but already I love it. Perfect for a little summer bag maybe or a purse for ice cream money?


My all time favourite - Rocket Rascals by Michael Miller
I LOVE this fabric and always sell out when I make bibs in it. I've also made little boys purses with it which sell really well. A really lovely fabric for boys or girls.

So what are your top ten fabrics?


  1. I think the first one is so lovely I'd just want to frame it!

  2. Love the scissor print. Will have to take a look at Seamstar. By the way you can definitely be a fabricholic, I have had a severe case for years and the proof is the dozens of boxes of fabric in my walk in wardrobe. I will use them one day, I'm sure :)

  3. You have chosen the perfect name for your blog. These fabrics are scrumptious!

  4. Hi - yes it is possible and I too have the addiction. I think that so many of us suffer that I am going to arrange a little 'therapy' for us all.Stay with me for more details!xx

  5. Love the china doll fabric, it's really unusual. Any little girl who has dresses in these lovely prints will be the envy of her friends!

  6. Great picks, I'm not sure I could narrow mine down to just ten!

  7. I love Michael Miller. Too many good choices you've made to make a favourite. Although, I am partial to No. 10 and 9.

  8. Gorgeous! My faves are numbers 9,8, and 7 but they are all so cute!

    Off to check out Seamstar now!x

  9. I love the fruity one you've just had delivered from Seamstar - I've used it before to make a little lunch bag for my sister and she adores it! Your top ten are all brill but I love love LOVE your number one - it reminds me of the Mabel Lucie Attwell books I used to have when I was little! I too am just off to check out Seamstar..... xox

  10. I am so pleased Yui Kokeshi makes it into the top ten (I may of had to argue it in otherwise!).

    I'm off to think of a new top ten to do :)

  11. I keep saying that I need to stop buying fabric and start making things! However, I now have a huge fabric wish list from Seamstar!


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