Thursday, 1 April 2010

Swaps Rock!

I love swaps. As well as my own flower swap I also signed up for Dolly Dollops colour swap and was paired up with Gemma of Little Gems World. Check out her blog because its great and full of gorgeous things. Today I received this fabulous package full of 'blue' things for me! Look at how pretty the parcels are. These were all inside a hand made bag which was wrapped up in blue polka dot paper. Even the name label on the envelope was blue. Such attention to detail. I love it!

Gemma and I had agreed to send 4 handmade things and 2 bought/thrifted items. I received the most beautiful bag with a gorgeous flowery lining which came with a little lace brooch with a pretty gemstone middle which I can take off and wear if I want.

I also received this lovely double sided bunting which I am going to hang in my sewing room

This cute little needle case complete with pins and needles

The sweetest little patchwork brooch which Izzy absolutely loves (I had been admiring these on Gemma's blog!) and a pack of cute blue buttons

Some gorgeous coasters which are very 'Cath Kidston'

and a lovely polka dot notebook (sorry about the photo quality on this one. Took it on my phone in a dark room) I'm going to use this to jot down all my sewing ideas

I think you'll agree that I did very well. Everything is so well made too. It was a lovely surprise. Gemma received my parcel too today so I'll post some photos of what I sent tomorrow. Thanks Gemma and also Dolly Dollop for organising!

Remember my half built kitchen?? Well surprise surprise its still half built although I do now have a working cooker and dishwasher again which is great. Guess what we're going to be doing over the week-end....

Yes filling a skip with the old kitchen so that our garden no longer looks like we should be on 'Shameless'
Oh the glamour!


  1. Ooo, you did receive some lovely things. Gem is very clever.
    LOL about shameless. Our front garden has a skip on it. We look like shameless too. We will get day. Glad your kitchen is progressing.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Rachael xx

  2. Such lovely items, I especially love the bunting and needle case.
    Happy Easter.

  3. So pleased you like it all Louise :)
    I am going to do my post now! xx

  4. What lovely things , and so beautifully sewn too, lucky you. (I chose blue in the Colour Swap too - it seems unusual in the pinkness of blogland!)

  5. Wow what cool post. Love love love the cool brooch - reminds me of patchwork cushions I made when I was younger. How on earth you make something that small and that perfect - wow, very clever Gemma! A work of art! Darling needle case and bag too! Spent the whole time going "oooooh" when I saw all your things x


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