Friday, 9 April 2010

I am such an idiot!

It was all going so well. My lovely new childminder was doing a practice run looking after Izzy and Sam so I had the WHOLE day to myself. I thought I would go into Bristol and buy some clothes for my new job given that I slob around in jeans most of the time. I decided that it was time to face my fear and drive to the park and ride on the outskirts of Bristol. This is probably the furthest I have ever driven on my own (about 10 miles - sad I know!) and it involved going down the bypass. I did it though and was having a lovely day shopping feeling very pleased with myself.  I spent far too much money in White Stuff but figured that I had earned it for a) being nearly 40 b) getting a new job and c) driving to the park and ride.

Finally after a whole day of shopping I merrily jumped on the park and ride bus to get back to my car. I thought it was going a bit of a funny way and after 5 minutes realised that it was in fact going to the park and ride but the one on the OTHER SIDE OF BRISTOL! The one half an hour away in the wrong direction from mine. I broke out in a cold sweat when I realised what I had done and rang the bell thinking I could get off and walk back only the bus DOESN'T STOP until it gets the park and ride car park. Luckily my childminder is my cousin and she thought it was funny and didn't mind the fact that I was an hour later than planned but I was so annoyed with myself for being such an idiot. Apparently it happens all the time! Anyway I eventually got home to two more paracels of gorgeous fabric which cheered me up no end and Sam and Izzy had had a lovely day and hadn't missed me at all (which is good I think?).

From Fabric Inspirations

My name is Louise and I am a fabricholic


  1. Louise I can see why you're a fabricholic...such pretties! I love the fairies and the first floral print and the nesting dolls and.........omg! I think I've caught it!!

  2. Oh dear. Thats a bus ride to remember. Loving the russian dolls.

  3. What pretty fabric, what will you be making? I would love to know your plans.

  4. ooooh lovely! Sounds like fun was had by all (in the end ;)


  5. Don't beat yourself up about it - I do daft things like that all the time! I am going to have a swap for those of us with fabric addiction - will post about it on Sunday. I'd love you to join in with us (after your fab flower swap).xx

  6. A great day out on the bus!
    Those fabics look scrummy, love the bambi looking one Kx

  7. Oh, I've done that at the park and ride before now. It's an easy (but unpleasant) mistake to make.

  8. Ooh what lovely fabric! Has your sewing mojo returned yet?

  9. Hi Louise, you will see from my last post and all the comments that you are not on your own to have these small lapses of sanity, its what keeps us all smiling, once you've recovered that is. No harm done and you probably wont do it again. So all in all a good lesson.
    PS the fabric is great i love the tiny daisies and birds.

  10. I'm sorry but that has really made me laugh, I done the same thing when I was a teenager, ended up in Weston instead of Nailsea. Had no extra money and was very scared but the bus drivers were great and when I eventually got to my friends at Nailsea I told my friend I was late because I'd been making mince pies lol. Was far too embarrassed to tell her the truth.
    Love all your fabrics, done a similare post yesterday but now craving some of yours ;)

    Beki xxx


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