Wednesday, 7 April 2010

How thoughtful

I am constantly surprised at the generosity of fellow bloggers and today was no exception when I received a  gorgeous parcel from the lovely Lucy from Crafting in the Beach Hut. Lucy took part in my recent flower swap (it was her first swap) and sent me a little something to say thank you for organising it. It was beautifully wrapped and completely gorgeous..

3 beautiful silky ribbon flowers on a white frame. Its so pretty and so clever. I LOVE it!

Not only that but I received a lovely hand made embroidered card too

Thank you Lucy for being so thoughtful. It was very kind of you. I hope you don't mind but I stole borrowed the photos from your blog as they were so much better than mine! Your parcel really made my day (especially as its only 6 days now until I hit 40!!!) Now that is depressing....


  1. Lovely package indeed! I just turned 41 this past weekend...don't worry...40 is the new 30.
    So...Happy 30th Birthday! xo

  2. I love swapping and have a swap partner in craftysmiles.blogspot. her name is Aija and our postmen have now become our friends as they are bringing parcels to each of us every week. Aint life good when you craft.

  3. Surprises like that are just fab. I enjoyed your swap so much that I'm tempted to try and organise one myself. I fear that your success may be hard to follow...? xx

  4. What thoughtful gifts from Lucy. The things that she has sent both of us are fab!
    Jille x

  5. That's really great and very kind. The swap was great fun and one day I too will attempt to organise something. Could be back for advice!

  6. Stop being so daft!! 40 is brilliant - like opening a whole new chapter. I got told the other night that I look 39 - and I'm 43 and a grandparent - age is all in the head!! xx


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