Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Gorgeous jewellery

The photos I took of my lovely new earrings really didn't do them justice so I thought I would post some proper photos from the designers website as her jewellery is beautiful and several items have now been added to my birthday list! I'm not a great jewellery wearer usually but this is just so pretty. Check out Kate Hamilton-Hunters Website for more gorgeous items..

Izzy and I seem to have picked up the sickness bug from Sam so we're having a pretty miserable week so far. The only excitement being that my new job have phoned me as Esther Rantsen is opening the office where I will be working next week and they wanted to know if I want to go. I'm always up for a bit of celeb spotting (I'm so shallow!) so I've agreed to go along. Should be fun.

Hoping to feel a bit better soon so I can finish all the things for the swaps I'm involved in. Really need to crack on with it now.


  1. Lovely jewellery.
    I hope the two of you are feeling a bit better soon:(
    Take care,
    Rachael XX

  2. Oh I am ill too, something in the air, my first experiance of flu coupled with vertigo!

  3. What beautiful jewellery - I took a look at her site (which is also beautiful)and her work is so original - I love the idea of working with old tins.

  4. Gorgeous jewellery, I love the bracelet(?) in the second photo. No stalking Esther please... xxx

  5. The jewellery is lovely, particularly like the rose designs.
    Sorry to hear you are poorly, hopefully you will be fighting fit and ready with your autograph book by next week
    Take care
    Jenny x

  6. All of it is so pretty! Hope you get to feeling better soon, there are so many "bugs" going around these days.

  7. Get well soon! And the jewellery is gorgeous! xxx

  8. Wow! Gorgeous jewellery.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  9. hope you're feeling better! I remember the good ole days of watching 'That's Life' with Esther - he he, hope it's a good day.



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