Monday, 22 March 2010

Off to America.....

Not me but my flower swap parcel. Its going to the lovely Ulrike who lives in Georgia. You can check out her lovely blog here. I can only tease you with photos of the wrapped items as obviously I don't want to spoil the surprise for Ulrike. I just hope she likes them! Now need to finish the parcel for my swap partner in the colour swap. Nearly there just 2 things to finish off now. I'm loving the whole swap thing. Its such fun to have to buys things for people on a particular theme.

My kitchen now looks like this.

There is definate progress. The gas man is coming tomorrow to fit the new gas hob and Jon is working as we speak fitting the work top. He has done really well considering I swanned off at about 4pm today to meet a friend so he had to look after the children who are just so cute as the moment

The friend I met has organised the Bristol International Kite Festival for over 20 years and I used to work for her. She is really keen to have a craft market at this years event and has asked ME to organise it!! Its so exciting. We met today and are just in the process of finalising whether it is financially viable to do it depending on marquee costs etc but we are both really keen for it to happen. Last years event had over 40,000 people attend over the week-end and was absolutely packed as the sun was shining so it should be really good. I'm not into kites in the slightest but I have to say its a brilliant event. There is something really relaxing about sitting down with a picnic watching hundreds of kites flying above you (especially with a nice glass of wine from the beer tent!). Its well worth a visit especially with children so if you are anywhere near Bristol on Sept 4/5 come and say hi! There will be free kite making workshops and I am hoping to organise some free craft workshops for children this year as well.

The thing I am struggling with at the moment is what to call the craft event. It would be great to have a snappy name for it rather than just 'craft market' or 'craft fair'. I love the events that are called things like Handm@de Oxford or Handmade Nation as they sound much funkier and up to date. So any ideas what I can call my little craft event?? I know you are a talented bunch so lets hear those ideas!!


  1. 0Sounds like you've got your work cut out here, but great idea. Will rack brain for suggestion. I will be in France in September but hope you get it off the ground( pun intended ) Good luck
    Jenny x

  2. Oh I think you will do a fab job and oh how the kitchen is coming on. I think you should include Artizan in the title, as it is so much more than handmade

  3. Any idea how much it would be to have a stall at the event? I really want to do a craft market soon, just need to get enough stock made to sell! I'd possibly need to share a table with someone if that was an option?

  4. Oh your parcels do look very pretty and your little people do look really cute, bless them. Thanks for organising the flower swap I really enjoyed taking part.
    Em x


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