Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Number 86

I've just found out that I'm number 86 on the Tots 100 list of top parenting blogs. Not quite sure how I achieved this but its very exciting. Woo hoo!! Thanks to Sally at Whos the Mummy? for compiling the list. Going to check out some of the other blogs now.


I met Esther Rantzen yesterday. Well when I say met I mean I smiled at her as she walked past me. She was opening the Homestart office where I will be working from next month (gulp). She seemed very nice (very small!) and spoke to some of our volunteers and families before having her photo taken by the local press and TV. You can see a picture here. It was lovely to meet my new collagues again and I was very pleased to learn that eating cake will feature highly in my new role. What a result! I came home with a left over jelly for Izzy and Sam! Jon's face was a picture when I walked in from my work meeting with a dish of jelly. That just wouldn't happen in his work world! My car is now fixed (£200!!!) so I'm all set to go apart from my irrational fear of driving anywhere that has more than one lane of traffic. I've got a month to sort out my driving phobia. Any ideas?? I've already had refresher lessons and hypnotherapy!! I'm really going to have to face my fear next month.


  1. congratulations! but also on the job, what an exciting and challenging job you have. Hope you enjoy it all.

  2. Well done you. Can't help with the driving phobia I'm afraid, I never got past the phobia of driving full stop! I'm sure though you will cope once you get used to the route.
    Jenny x


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