Monday, 15 March 2010


Its all been a bit hectic the last week. After the shock of being offered the job wore off I realised that I would actually have to start thinking about childcare which was starting to stress me out. I have been so lucky though. My lovely cousin has offered to look after both the children for me. She lives nearby and is going to do it in my house. She had been toying with the idea of registering as a childminder for a while and this was the push that she needed. She is great and I feel so much better that the children will be with someone we both know. I've also been trying to finalise all the arrangements for my 40th party. I hate organising things. This is why I have never got married!

Sam had a sickness bug last week too that wasn't much fun. I spent most of my time covered in vomit. Lovely! Hes better now but has 3 big back teeth coming through so is a bit grumpy at the moment. Starting work is starting to sound quite nice.

My sewing mojo is still nowhere to be found. I've made a few things for the swaps I am taking part in but apart from that I just don't have any enthusiasm for making things for my shop. Maybe the nicer Spring weather will perk me up a bit? Its been lovely seeing things that people have made for the flower swap I organised though. Well done all you super organised people. I better get on with it! To see it working and people sending each other lovely things is a really lovely feeling.

Got a gorgeous card and pressie from Sam and Izzy for Mothers Day and also decided to treat myself to a few things as a reward for getting the job.

A lovely handmade butterfly card

2 little Spring plants

A mini little teapot and cup

I treated myself to this cute little tin for my sewing room

and some gorgeous earrings. My photos really dont do them justice!


  1. So good that your cousin is helping out so you are all set now and it will be lovely to earn some money and treat yourself more often. I love your sewing tin.

  2. wondered where you were! love the card. Kate x

  3. How wonderful to know that the children are being looked after by family. How perfect that is. Can I be checky and ask where the lovely tin came from?

  4. Hi Louise
    Really glad you sorted your childminding, I do it for my daughter as she's running her own business and I know it takes some of the pressure off her knowing her little soldier is with someone familiar. I'm sure it will all work out well. Having something to do outside the home will make it all the more precious when you are at home with your children and when you have less time to spare your sewing mojo will return with a vengeance!
    Love Jenny x

  5. That is really good news, glad you got it sorted.
    Lovely things you received and bought.
    Hope Sam cheers up,
    Have fun,
    Rachael XX


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