Saturday, 20 March 2010

Feeling rubbish

I'm so fed up of feeling ill. All this week Izzy and I have had a stomach bug. Just when I thought it was getting better it came back with a vengance. I haven't had a cup of tea since Tuesday!! Thats how sick I have felt. I love tea. I drink loads of tea. Its what gets me through the day. I finally had a mug of tea at my mums this afternoon and it was fantastic so I finally think I have turned the corner which is a good job considering I got home and this is what my kitchen looks like.

I don't actually have a kitchen anymore! Yes Jon has ripped the kitchen out and is in the process of fitting a new one which is great fun as it means rather than a nice leisurely week-end relaxing and recuperating while  he looks after the children I have to keep them out of the house all day. Lets just say it wasn't my idea for him to do it single handedly. Apparently it will be ready by Wednesday (minus tiling). I put my foot down and insisted we get someone in to do the tiling. What do we think? Ready by Wednesday?? No chance! 

To top it off my car has had it. We've had ongoing problems with the battery. I think I know what the problem is and have explained it to 2 garages who have basically just ignored me (because I am female???). It was very funny yesterday as it passed its MOT so I went to collect it and realised they hadn't actually fixed the ongoing problem despite them insisting that it was all sorted. When I went to drive it away the battery had gone flat again so they were REALLY embarrassed. It turns out there is a massive problem with the electrics (yes hello garage I told you that!) and it will have to go to the nissan garage to get sorted. (The same garage who last year disconnected the radio telling me that would sort the problem - Arggggh!!)

Anyway I've generally been a bit rubbish this month. I've missed the deadline for the sewalong. Didn't even get to the measuring myself stage. Sorry Kitchy Coo! I failed to make the baby shoes for my February 2010 challenge and have not blogged about various awards or meme's passed on to me. I'm really sorry everyone. Its down to a combination of ill health, interview preparation, childcare stress and general day to day life. Will try to do better!

Also thanks to my lovely friend Debi who has been emailing me photos of Phillip Schofield and Christopher Dean (yes of Torvil & Dean fame - strange I know!) to try and cheer me up. It did make me smile!


  1. ahhh. it is all happening at once. take a deep breath. all will be fine. that is what i told myself after our car needed a new alternator (is that even how it is spelt??) yesterday. thanks for the prompting email re: swap. will get right onto that! take care of yourself - when there is time, anyway. bridgetx

  2. AW so sorry to hear your feeling pants, it does all come at once, I'm sure everyone understands that life sometimes takes over, I do hope your feeling better soon sleep well and take care better days are ahead xxb

  3. Hi Louise
    What a time you're having. It will get better and when you have a lovely new kitchen you'll forget all about the stress getting it. Just think no kitchen, no cooking! Perhaps you could be treated to a meal out if you're feeling better. Just take care.
    Jenny x

  4. I understand the feeling pants. I am that way too. Failed on the cool girl challenge too.

    Hmm Maybe it will get better!

    Oh adn good luck with the kitchen

  5. Oh dear, what a bad time you have been having.
    I hope you feel better soon, and that your cuppas start to make you feel better.
    Hope the kitchen gets done quickly, don't you just love it when men give you such impossible timescales, lol.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  6. Hope you feel a lot better soon. Hope the kitchen goes to plan - mine has taken 2 years so Far!!!!!

  7. Oh dear, that sounds a bit like our house at the moment. Also I can completely sympathise with you on the electrics problem. We had it with our last car. In the end we were so frustrated having a car that wouldn't work that we changed it.
    As for Wednesday................hmmmmm. I have my fingers crossed for you. Hope the weekend wasn't so bad.
    Take care,
    Rachael XX

  8. Hi Louise, many thanks for your email about the swap ~ we had a slight communication hiccup, but we're in touch now!
    Best wishes, Sarah.

  9. Hope you can get a cup of tea in you soon! Now I have the sniffles! Must be in the wind!!

  10. 與其爭取不可能得到的東西,不如善自珍惜運用自己所擁有的........................................

  11. Oh dear I hope you feel better soon! I was thinking about joining you on your challenge to make an item of childrens clothing a month. Seamstar are all but out of the manga material I wanted to make my girl a skirt with so the rethink is taking longer ....we could catch up on the challenge together over the next couple of months!!!

  12. Hi Louise
    Just came across your blog through Crissybell and I LOVE IT! :) Hope you don't mind if I follow!
    My daughter is Isabella too :)
    hugs from Canada!
    Laurie Anne {Rebel Blossom}


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