Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What to do about Aprons

Feeling a bit lacklustre and uninspired at the moment and not finding much time to sew or make anything although I did finally manage to finish a commission for a personalised apron for a little girl called Charlotte. I hope she likes it.

Its for a mum at my daughters pre-school who saw me at one of my craft markets. It always a bit strange selling things to people I know. I don't know why - I just worry about whether they will like it and I hate talking about money with friends. Does anyone else feel like that? I've been making these little aprons for ages now and I really want to try something new for slightly older girls. I love little frilly half aprons as they look so cute but would you buy them for a little girl bearing in mind they don't cover their top halves which is the bit that gets covered in everything if you are baking with them. What do people think?

We've finally had the second meeting of the reading group. Much wine was consumed! We've decided the next book will be

All of our books so far have been very sad and involved horrible things happening to children so I need some cheerful recommendations please for the book after this. Trying to organise getting people together was a nightmare last time but this time everyone brought their diaries and we have the next meeting booked in ready to go. Hurrah! Just need to read the book now.....


  1. Funnily enough my sister and mother have both asked me to make them a 'waist apron' they want one with a big pocket/pouch at the front so that they can wear it when hanging out washing to carry the pegs ! I'm new to sewing but will be looking for a pattern to adapt - yikes ! I'm not sure I would go for one for cooking though, particularly for messy children. I'll be interested to see what others think.

  2. Ohooo I love the apron, very sweet. I think I would buy a half pinny for my 8 year old, but like you say I do like to keep her top half covered too ;0) Could you do a cutesy frilly apron maybe. Ohooo yes I am a funny one when it comes to money, I did really well with my little makes at the school fair, I think compared to prices round me for handmade and in my opinion quality pretties, I don't charge much at all, but I really struggle with selling to friends, which thus far I have made many sales to, I make for fun and sell for a little pocket money, I am never going to be rich from my makes, but I do enjoy it and actually when I make to give not sell it kind of takes the pressure off a little in a way, hard to explain, but I know what I mean ;0) A friend wanted some bunting at Christmas and she wanted to pay and i wouldn't let her, now you can see why i am never going to be rich ;)

    Good luck with the idea's, I am having a brain storm too, I seem to be making the same pretties over and over and am doing my best to think of some new original idea's to make.


  3. I made a baby quilt for someone - I told her that the materials had cost £26 and it had taken 10 hours and guess how much she gave me.....£35!! So less than a pound an hour for my time. I think that the trick is to agree a price that you are both happy with in advance and then there are no awkward moments or disappointments on either side!

  4. I like you aprons, really easy to wash and they look great. I wouldn't give mine half aprons, but there is a pattern in Sew liberated for an apron that fastens at the front so the children can do it themselfves. I plan to make them for the boys

  5. On the apron front maybe look at stronger colours for older ones...
    Too True, NONE of my friends have ever brought anything or supported my craft work, sometimes I feel a bit let down by them.
    I have made a lot of small prezzies for my mums friends as well little hanging hearts, in the hope it would spur them into making a purchase from me, but alas no!

  6. I agree that while the half aprons are very pretty, even big kids will spill stuff all down their fronts so need as much covered as possible! I'm also rubbish about selling to friends, but seeing as most of them have MUCH more money than I do, I try and be strong when I name my price so I'm not leaving myself out of pocket.

    A quick question while I'm here...have you ever ordered fabric from the USA, and if you have, how much import tax do you have to pay? I've seen some lovely stuff for boys teddies, and was wondering whether it would be better getting it sent to a friend in the US and then they post it to me as a gift to avoid the tax!

  7. lovely apron. agree with others though...kids big and little need to be fully covered imho!

  8. I have an award for you on my blog!

  9. Love the apron and know how difficult it can be making stuff for friends.

    I could name loads of books but will limit myself to just a few my book group thought were good.

    Suite Française by Irene Nemirovsky
    Mr Pip by Lloyd Jones
    Barbara Kinsolver's books, e.g. Prodigal Summer, Poisonwood bible
    The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O'Farrell
    Classics like Pride & Predujice & Jane Eyre always go down well. We fantasise for hours over these!

    Organising a book group can be difficult especially if the group is quite large but we now set dates in advance so that everyone has notice and can keep the night free. It helps having it on the same day each month; we always have ours on a Monday night as that is the least busy evening for everyone.

    Good luck and persevere it's worth it.

  10. Hi - lovely blog, I am so pleased to have found you. I too try to make a little pocket money from my creations but do feel that we're fighting a losing battle when it comes to charging for our time. A friend visited whilst I was painting some home-made plaques. I told her that the materials coost £1.25ish, and asked her how much to charge. Response - £1.50!!!!!


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