Tuesday, 2 February 2010

What about those resolutions?

Thanks to everyone who left lovely comments about Sam. He seems to be on the road to recovery and we have a doctors appointment tomorrow for a check up so fingers crossed.

I thought the beginning of February would be a good time to review those New Year Resolutions I made a  month ago. I couldn't even remember what they were though and had to go back and check which doesn't really bode well does it? Anyway here they are....

1) Set myself a new blog challenge - I'm making childrens clothes as my challenge and have finished Januarys skirt. I'm on track for Februarys baby shoes and I've got ideas for the rest of the year so this one is actually going quite well.

2) Get into Twitter. I have embraced Twitter a bit more now. I don't use it as much as I should but I understand it more and can see the appeal. I keep sending Phillip Schofield messages in the hope he will reply but no luck yet. I've had to resort to stalking Richard Madely (Richard & Judy) instead!

3) Get Fit - yeah right. Done absolutely nothing. Figured I might as well wait until I am 40 now

4) Cook a new recipe each week. Sadly I am no Nigella yet. Quite frankly I just can't be arsed with cooking by the time the evening comes especially something new. I have made the odd cottage pie and lasagne though.

5) Make more effort - haven't really done much about this one either. have big plans re getting my hair highlighted and going to have a massage but its finding the time. I did get to the cinema with my other half though. I managed to fall asleep half way through the film but it was good to get out and we did talk to each other...kind of

6) Be fun mummy instead of grumpy mummy. This is very up and down. I did make play doh. Twice! and I put glitter in it which the kids loved. On a fun scale of 1 to 10 though daddy is a definate 10 and I'm still only about a 5 I would say.

7) Show my garden some love - in this weather?? Are you mad? - its bloody freezing out there.

8) Learn to love my sewing machine - I must admit I've had a real break from sewing since Christmas so haven't really done much on this one. Have that big pile of fabric though so February is the month for some sewing machine love.

9) Go to bed early - I wish!

10) Do more Random Acts of Kindness - now this I have kind of embraced and can think of 4 things in January that would qualify as one which I think is a pretty good start.

How are everyone elses resolutions going?


  1. Good luck with the resolutions, as you can see from the time, going to bed early should be one of mine ;) I always have been a night owl.

    I am glad Sam is on the mend, we have similar problems with my 3 year old, who only has to have a runny nose for a day and then his chest get so bad, a hospital or GP visit is needed. He was a prem baby, by 11 weeks so I shall never know I don't think, whether his being ventilated after birth, albeit for only 8 hours, has any part in it.

    We are going through an episode with him now, he does seem quite croupy. We have the ventolin which makes him climb the walls so are trying another inhaler to see if that keeps him a little calmer.

    He seems fine in the summer months, tis these cold, damp days that does it for him.


  2. I never make resolutions any more as I'm so rubbish at sticking to them. Glad to hear that Sam's on the mend, our youngest Herbie suffers similarly, we've been in and out of the hospital for 2 years, but the first time's the worst, it's really scary. He gets mistaken for a girl too - I just laugh! Good luck with your resolutions - if you keep half of them, you're doing well!

  3. Glad Sam is on the mend :)

    Some of the ribbons you liked are from these people:


    They sell them in little 3m bundles for as low as £1, and they're good quality...a bargain I reckon!!

  4. Glad Sam is feeling better, there are so many bugs and colds out there. We are all down with one. xxx


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