Friday, 26 February 2010

I only went and got an interview

OH. MY. GOD. I've only gone and got an interview on Thursday. Yes next Thursday. An interview for the lovely part time Homestart job that fits in perfectly with school hours. Thats less than a week to prepare. I have no childcare, nothing to wear and no brain. I'm scared already. Seriously scared. My stomach is churning just thinking about it. This wasn't supposed to happen. They were supposed to very nicely say thanks but no thanks. They phoned me up this evening at about 7.30pm and as we seem to be getting lots of annoying marketing calls at the moment I picked up the phone and grunted hello in a very abrupt manner thinking it was someone trying to sell me something. So they now probably think I am rude. I have a cold too and my voice is really croaky so I also sound like a man. I bet they can't wait to meet me! Also the interview is in Weston and I hate driving and rarely drive outside a 3 mile radius of my house so thats scaring me too. Arghhhhhhhh!!

On a lighter note. This lovely package of books arrived today.

For the 'sew a long'

For inspiration for my lost sewing mojo

For my 2010 challenge


  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!! Good luck good luck! You'll be brilliant- hope you get the childcare sorted. Let us know how it goes. xx

  2. well done a step nearer!you will do fine dont panic,all will be well! congrats. jackanne xx

  3. Well done you ! I also was tempted by the Poppy Treffry book this week and can't wait to experiment with my sewing machine! Linda x

  4. Those books look VERY interesting - hope they help you get your sewing mojo back!

    Good luck for the interview too. I'm sure you'll be fab!

    Sharon x

  5. You'll do just fine, don't worry. Hope you get the childcare sorted. They cant help but like you and phoning at that time they must be pretty keen. Good Luck.
    Love the books by the way, have the Poppy Treffrey one. Seen lots of comments re the Design it yourself but sounds like it wouldn't be suitable for my body shape! Enough said. x

  6. OOOOOOOOOH well done! Im sure you will do fine, just remember to breath! How exciting though! It is great to have a few hours a week pretending that you really are a mature adult who can hold a conversation on a subject other than Peppa and Dora! I have a perfect little part time job in a childrens clothes boutique. So i am in my element 3 days a week looking at kids clothes, talking about kids clothes, selling kids clothes and stealing inspiration to make them myself.
    Sorry i missed your flowers swap, look forward to seeing all the makes though.
    x K

  7. well done! and fingers crossed :) unbelieveably i also have an interview (first one after being a stay at home mum for a few years) on thursday - so we can send each other positive thoughts all day!

  8. Maybe a friend could drive you? wear something comfy won't you? Hope you remember to say 'I really want this job' as you walk out the door, they won't forget it!

  9. I knew you would. Well done. You will be fab, it is your job. The one destined for you

  10. Excellent, go for it girl. You will be fine. Keep calm and be yourself. I will be thinking of you and have everything crossed on Thursday.
    Have a fun weekend,
    Rachael XX

  11. oooo!!!louise how exciting for you, as the others have said , keep calm , be yourself and breath!!!!
    hope you have a lovely weekend and keep us posted on how it goes!!!


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