Saturday, 27 February 2010

I feel physically sick.

I got the confirmation letter through this morning about my interview on Thursday. Rather than being the cosy chat about the job I imagined, its actually a 2 hour ordeal which will include

1) A 30 minute 'in tray' exercise
2) A 30 minute mock interview of a potential volunteer
3) I then have to deliver a training session for 30 minutes
4) Followed by a 30 minute interview with a panel of people

To say I am completely terrified is an understatement. I feel physically sick when I think about it (speaking in front of people is my worst nightmare) and its on Thursday - thats less than a weeks time. So you would imagine that I had been sat preparing for my interview all day? No I have been cleaning my house from top to bottom. This is what I do when I want to avoid doing something else. I used to do it when I was supposed to be writing essays at University. Anything to avoid starting the task in hand. On a more positive note my house is clean and tidy which makes a welcome change and a lovely friend has offered to have Izzy on Thursday. I think my mum can have Sam so at least childcare is sorted. Now I just need to get my brain in gear and do some planning. Oh dear this could take some time!


  1. Wow, that is a scary proposition. No words of advice as it's been years since I've had an interview but best of luck to you. xx

  2. Well done for getting an interview - that's brilliant! The other candidates will be feeling the same nerves that you are, so you will be in it together.

    You could try and act your way through it - visualise someone you admire (deep breaths, shoulders down) and try and be like that person - confident, friendly, lovely - all the things you are! And all the things they want.

    At least you can enjoy your clean house for a few days :o) Best of luck and big hugs for getting an interview x

  3. Please don't worry, if it helps at all years ago I got a job and remained friends with the lady who took me on, when I asked her why she had chosen me, she told me I got most of the answers wrong and took 2 hours to complete the w.p. exercises instead of 45 mins, but she felt I was worth investing in as I was enthusiastic and clearly wanted the job - it's not only the cleverest, fastest, bestest that win, you know. Just be you.

  4. Hi Louise
    I agree with the other comments particularly Crafting in the beach hut and Mrs Yappy Dog, sorry thats very formal but havent checked out their real names yet. Enthusiasm, friendliness and a real desire for the job are going to put you up there straight away. Positive thinking. You can do it girl. Go for it!
    Jenny x

  5. Good-luck, the only thing I can say is be calm!! don't worry because worrying will show and then you wont get the job anyway, so just think, 'what if?' what if I don't get the job - my world is not going to come to an end.
    Good-luck!!! we will cross fingers, toes and anything else we can stick cross!! Kxx

  6. You know this is better than a 15 min chat. You know what is coming, you can prepare for it. As someone who home start has helpped I can also help you with this a little especcially on the volenteer infor, as mine if the most perfect one in the worls. Most of it is common sence - Parenting issues, how would you deal with not agreeing on disapline with your homestart family etc.

    You know my e-mail address, give me a mail and we can have a chat anytime. As I have said this is your job

  7. good luck. remember "I am a strong, confident woman. I do not need cigarettes" oh no that's the wrong tape. whoops!

    I hate panel interviews- just waiting for one of them to pull out a Britain's Got Talent style buzzer at any moment.... I'm not helping so I'm going to go now.

    Good luck! x x

  8. when I had to type in the word verification for that last comment it was "cringe" lol

  9. When it's over and done with you will wonder why. It's just the time in between which can drive us up the wall!!

  10. Wow, that's pretty hard core! On the plus side, you at least have advance notice that this is how it's going to happen and can prepare. You'll be fine, everyone will have the same nerves. Good luck :)

  11. Oh I know this feeling, and the best bit of advice anyone ever gave me was "enjoy it" - it sounds bizarre but finding a way to make it an enjoyable process changes one's thoughts about it, and when that happens we tend to act differently!! ie not nervous!

    I hope it's okay and goes well. Loads of luck.


  12. Think positive, you can do it!! After all it's only an interview and if you do your very best and with good thoughts I'm sure you'll sail through. Good luck (fingers crossed for you) Lucey xx

  13. Remember everyone else will be as nervous as you - and it is quite an achievement even to get an interview - they are impressed by your CV already to have offered you one. And if all else fails you will have an immaculately clean house!My house was always at its cleanest when I had a deadline whilst I was studying. Maybe I should go back to studying ... Good luck, anyway!

    Pomona x

  14. good luck, stay calm and I'm sure you will be fine. I agree with Pomana above, just getting an interview in these times is great. My fella has just been interviewing people in his job and he has has about 50 people apply and only interviewed about 5!! (he works in the voluntry sector).

    I hate talking or presenting in public, I even find meetings a bit scary, but try and get round it by really prepared and knowing my stuff.

    I did a marketing course a few years ago and we were taught a thing called APIC. which can really help to structure answers to any questions especially when talking about things you have done.
    Its basically
    analyse - what do you need to do or achieve
    Plan - how are you going to do it.
    Implement - actually doing it
    Control - review and assess what you have done.

    I often us this to make my approach more structured.

    Good luck.

  15. That does seem like a scary interview. I am sure that when you have done your prep the actual interview will not be quite so bad.
    Keep calm, smile and be yourself.
    Sending you lots of love and encouragement this week. I shall b thinking of you thursday. Everything crossed

  16. Can't offer any advise but can send good luck and encouragement. You can do it! Nothing is harder than parenthood, after all!

  17. Best of luck on Thursday! Look forward to hearing how it went. x

  18. Good Luck! There is an award for you over at mine, but no pressure ( I didn't realise just how time consuming they are, and you have way more important things to think about - just wanted you to know I love your blog:))


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