Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hello Hetty

Today we welcomed a new member to the family. Please say hello to Hetty. A rather gorgeous kitty that I won in a giveaway on a lovely blog called Dizzy Izzy Handmade. She arrived today beautifully wrapped and was immediately taken out of my hands by my Izzy who was absolutely thrilled with her new cat.

After fighting Sam off (who also took rather a shine to Hetty) she whisked her upstairs to have pride of place on her bed. Thanks so much. Hetty is lovely. She is made from gorgeous fabirc and is extremely well made.

Dizzy Izzy Handmade also have a shop on Folksy full of cute little kitties and other lovely things. As you can see Sam is still sporting his long girls hair. I just can't decide whether to have it cut or not. He won't look like Sam with short hair but he has been mistaken for a girl at least 4 times this month! He is modelling his lovely new t shirt from BirgittaDesigns. The proceeds of which Birgitta VERY kindly donated to Refuge.

I do love getting nice things in the post. Talking of which even more people have signed up for the swap today which is fantastic! Can people please email their details if they haven't already. There were a few people I couldn't find contact details or blogs for so I need to know how to contact you! I really am extremely excited about this swap (I obviously need to get out more!). Its the first one I've organised though so if I make any glaring errors please let me know!


  1. Fab photos!! So pleased Hetty has found herself a lovely new family ;o)

    Have to show my Izzy these photos in the morning ... she'll be amazed that mummy's cat has found her way to someone else's house!

  2. aw how gorgeous are the two of them :0), so cute to see my t-shirt being worn, sam looks fab, love the long hair have to admit, may I link on my blog for peeps to see my t-shirt?

    mrs mac I may have to come purchase a tehm :0) xxb

  3. I love Sam's hair too. Never mind what other people say. I used to have very short hair as a kid and despiter wearing skirts or pink tracksuits I still got called a boy. Some people just can't be bothered to look at the whole picture before they open their mouths!

    On a different note, I just found this website and thought it might interest you:

    Some of it's a bit naff, but there's some pretty stuff too.

  4. what a lovely cat and beautiful photos :)

  5. Love the cat and noooooooooooooooooooo dont do it, please dont cut Sams hair, it is others problems not his. Mini gets the girl commnets all the time, but there is years for him to conform. I think he looks adorable

  6. hetty is very sweet - my sons hair is blond like sams, makes me sad every time I trim it as it's getting mousier all the time.

    By the way! Just finished the article all about Sew Scrumptious!

    Sew Scrumptious Blogger Interview

  7. I love the cat - he's gorgeous and the material is lovely. No wonder your little girl is so pleased. Please don't cut your little boy's hair he looks adorable xx

  8. NOOOOOO! Definitely don't cut his hair! If anything, leave italone and let it get LONGER!


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