Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Thinking about kindness

We've all been struck down by illness already this year (what a surprise) so I'm not doing too well on the resolution front yet as have been to busy clearing up sick and wiping snotty noses (oh the glamour!). Been thinking about them though particularly what counts as a random act of kindess. What do you think? I think its doing something nice for someone when they are least expecting it. It doesn't have to be big or expensive just thoughtful and take a bit more effort than usual. I've decided my first one will be writing to the staff at Izzy's pre school to tell them how wonderful they are. I am always raving about how fantastic the pre school is to friends and other parents but realised the other day that the only people I don't tell are the staff themselves. So thats my first random act of kindness I think - I am going to put it in writing for them to read but also so they can keep it for the next time they are inspected by Ofsted. I'm always moaning about bad service so its about time good service gets acknowledged and rewarded. Who has given you good service and did you tell them?? I still feel bad that I didn't write to Tesco about their lovely shop assistant after Sams 'poo' incident last year!!

My January sewing challenge is now decided and its going to be this cute little milkmaid skirt from a tutorial on the Crafterhours blog.

How lovely is this skirt. So cute. I'm thinking I might make it out of this fabric as its not too gathered and should show off the print really well.

Thing is this fabric is a bit out there for me so I have no idea how it is going to look but hey its the new year so lets try somethng new. Lets push the boundaries a bit. Its all about experimenting. I've got to find some bias binding to go with it as I can't be bothered to make it myself as I am THE most impatient sewer in the world. So tonight my task is to find the fabric, check I've got enough to make the skirt and then order some bias binding ready to start at the week-end. What are we thinking fabric wise? Will it work?? Watch this space.

I have been converted to twitter and have even managed to add the link to my blog (top right hand side). Please follow me so I have some friends and even better please tell me what to do! I've just done my first re tweet! This great list of 100 top tutorials on the The Long Thread blog.


  1. Once I sort out my very poorly laptop, I will add you. I am all of a bother without it and feel like I have lost an arm - very strange how techologogy gets a grip on your life. As a believer in Karma, I try to be as kind as I can and give out what I would like to receive

  2. I yhink that skirt would look fab in that 'put there' fabric!! :-) xx

  3. Love that fabric and I think it will look lovely as a skirt, can't wait to see it.
    Such a shame my little girl isn't so little anymore and wouldn't wear anything like that.

    Beki xxx


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