Friday, 15 January 2010


Sharing a favourite song and the reasons why you love it seems to be the order of the day so I thought I'd share mine too. I've spent an hour or so looking up old 'indie' tunes on You Tube and rediscovered so many songs I love. I'm going to dig out all the CDS tomorrow.

I've finally decided to share this. The Hour of Bewilderbeast by Badly Drawn Boy is probably my favourite ever album. I love all 18 songs on it so it was hard to choose one but this is probably my favourite and I love the video too.

I bought the CD the same week I called off my wedding to my boyfriend of seven years. I remember crashing at my friends house as I had moved out of the house we shared and listening to it over and over again from start to finish absolutely terrified at what I had done but full of excitment as I had just met my current partner. A few months later my now partner and I drunkenly decided to go to New York together and Badly Drawn Boy was playing while we were there. We somehow managed to blag our way in and saw him play in this tiny club in New York for 3 hours including an hour long encore of Bruce Springsteen covers. Badly Drawn Boy's first baby had just been born and he handed round photos of the baby to the audience as he was so proud. It was just one of those magical nights that don't happen very often and why I love this song so much.


  1. Consider yourself tagged. I guess we have the same taste in music and are around the same age!! We have seen BDB live too!! And we may have even been at V when you were too. MadDad and I were quite the fesival goers!!

  2. What a lovely post. I've just jumped on the bandwagon and posted one of my faves in my blog!

  3. Fantastic song choice and I love that vid too! I love your story too, made me go awwww!


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