Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Save your selvages

Abby who has a lovely blog called Mutterings from the Moor is after your selvages! Fot those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about (and I didn't know until quite recently!) a selvage is the bit on the edge of the fabric that you buy. See below.

There are some amazingly creative people out there who actually manage to make really cool stuff out of these selvages. See this selvage blog for inspiration. Abby is going to make one her gorgeous teddy bears using this idea.

So maybe all you fabric addicts out there could check out her blog and see if you can help? Its such a fantastic idea. I know that I just wouldn't have the patience. Far too fiddly for me! Can I also say that I have just been informed by my mum that Abby's Damson Jam is fabulous! (Abby very kindly donated some as one of my mums 70 presents for her 70th birthday).

I've been overwhelmed by the response to my giveaway. I'm so pleased that people have entered and are blogging and tweeting about it. Its so exciting. Thanks everyone. I think I will make the draw at the week-end so please enter if you haven't already or pass on the link if you know someone with a baby or toddler!

Its no good - I can't deny it any longer - my inappropriate crush on Christopher Dean has comeback. I know its weird but every time Dancing on Ice starts I just can't help it.

Am I on my own in this??


  1. Erm, yes I think you are! Mind you, at least you don't have to share him with anyone else ;)

  2. Anyone who can dance on ice like him has my vote. I LOVE that show and record it as well as watch it in case the phone rings etc!!

  3. This is the most impressive thing I have seen selvedges used for...


    Kate x

  4. The dress is beautiful isn't it Emily? I'd love to wear it!

    Thanks for this post Louise, you worded it all brilliantly, hopefully I will get enough selvedges to make two bears then I can hold my first giveaway.

    I personally can't see the attraction with Christopher Dean, but I have plenty of inappropriate crushes myself!! The one that just won't go away is Nick Knowles! He recently saved someone from a car crash near where we live, and I found myself wishing it had been me....now how wrong is that?!!


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