Sunday, 31 January 2010

Samantha needs a hair cut

We've had a very stressful week-end at the Bristol Childrens Hospital with Sam. Another asthma like reaction to a virus which meant he went from having a slightly runny nose to very rapid wheezy breathing in a couple of hours. A visit to the doctor and trip to A&E showed up very low blood oxygen levels meaning 2 nights in the hospital with 2 hourly nebulising, oxygen maks and steroids. It took a good 48 hours for them to get his oxygen levels back up so we could finally came home today. Luckily he was fairly cheerful for most of the time which helped lower our anxiety level slightly but it was very scary. A couple of things crossed my mind in the middle of the night when I was trying to sleep in a very uncomfortable chair.

1) We are so lucky to have a free National Health Service. Imagine living in Haiti and having the same experience. I cannot imagine how frightening it must be to have a sick child and not be able to take them to a doctor or hospital for help and assistance or not have the drugs available that you need.

2) That a lovely nurse can really make a difference to your hospital experience. We had a mixed experience but some of them were so warm and friendly and lovely. They are the ones that make you think that no question is too stupid and that they have all the time in the world for you and your child even if they don't. Thank you to all the lovely nurses out there!

3) That someone needs to invent something that means you don't have to attach toddlers to oxygen masks and the thing that measures your blood oxygen with wires whilst trapped in a cot. Sam hated it and we spent the whole time reattaching him to them.

4) Seeing lots of poorly children in hospital has mad me even more anxious. I obsess about breathing problems and meningitis as it is and visiting the hospital has made me worry about a million other illnesses as well.

I took this picture of Jon and Sam at the hospital on my phone. Both exhausted!

Two funny things stick in my mind from the week-end. The first is when I was holding Sam and a lady asked me his name. When I said 'Sam' she said 'oh is that short for Samantha??' Hilarious. I almost said yes because I didn't know what to say. I finally managed to say sheepishly 'um no Samuel'. She then said 'oh its a boy. I thought it was a girl with that lovely long blond hair! She was quite obviously blind given that he was wearing a blue t shirt, blue fire engine pyjama bottoms and pirate slippers at the time but maybe a trip to the hairdresser is in order!!

The other was when we were sat in the waiting room waiting to see the triage nurse. A couple with identical 10 month old twin girls came in. The nurse called one of the twins names and the mum went in to the room with the nurse only to reappear 5 seconds later muttering 'wrong one' under her breath whilst swapping the baby over for the right one with her husband. It was very funny.

Luckily I was able to get a few hours away from the hospital while Jon took over so I was able to take Izzy to the new Aquarium in Bristol which is near the hospital as she was feeling a bit left out. Its was very expensive but Izzy enjoyed it particularly when she saw someone dressed up as Nemo. She also loved the IMAX cinema and having to wear 3d glasses.

Anyway Sam seems much better now although we have to use his inhaler every 4 hours day and night for the next couple of days and then reduce it down so its going to be a long week but at least he is home. I coldn't resist posting a photo of Sam and Izzy tonight cuddling up under Izzy's new duvet after their bath. It bought a tear to my eye especially as Sam is still wearing his hospital band.


  1. Glad Sam(antha) is on the mend, had a few visits there myself. However wonderful the staff may be it's never a pleasant experience.
    We had Jacks hair cut because I got fed up with people thinking he was a girl when he was so obviously a boy.
    Where is the aquarium? Didn't realise there was one there.

    Beki xxx

  2. Oh you poor love. Glad Sam is on the mend. I don't think you should have his hair cut. He looks adorable with it long. People can be so stupid can't they?
    Hope your week is less stressful,
    Rachael xx

  3. Bless you. Hope this week is a bit calmer. I don't have fond memories of BCH though I have to say the staff I came across were always lovely. xx

  4. He looks great with long hair!
    Hope he gets better soon. Kxxx

  5. Poor Sam, I do hope he feels much better soon. xxx

  6. Poor Sam, we had an identical hospital visit with Maia when she was a year and a half and you're right, it's almost impossible to keep an oxygen mask and beeping wires attached to a toddler. I had to stay awake for 48 hours straight following her face around with the mask! Fingers crossed he's better soon x

  7. Very scary! Glad to hear he's on the mend now.

  8. What an awful experience for you all. I'm glad Sam's on the mend now.

    I've has people ask me 'And is Sam a little girl?' a few times now. I resist the urge to scream, 'No, HE has short hair, a football shirt/blue jumper/brown clumpy shoes etc etc on'. Idiots!

  9. Oh poor you all!! Sending good thoughts!!! xxx

  10. Oh I am sorry to hear about your son, I am glad he is on the mend, it's such an awful thing to have to take a child to the hospital. You don't realise how hard it is being a parent sometimes, the worry of it all when your children are ill. Hope he returns to full health soon, sending love and hugs through blogland xxxxxxx

  11. What a worry, so pleased Samkins on mend. Awful experience for you. Hurrah for brilliant Childrens Hospital. Both look very sweet so hopefully corner turned and normal life resumed!!! Big hug xxx


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