Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A note from my mum!

My mum has asked me to post a little letter to thank everyone who helped out with the 70 present challenge so here it is...

Hello, My name is Kate and I am Louise’s mum! I just want to thank everyone who helped to make my birthday very special by helping Louise with her challenge to get me 70 presents for my 70th birthday on Christmas Day. It was such a lovely surprise! The biscuits and chocolates have all been eaten and were delicious as was the damson jam! I use the key ring every day and have put photos of my grandchildren in the photo frames. I'm looking forward to putting all the seeds to good use in the spring and I am still looking at all the other gorgeous presents that I received  as there were just so many! To everyone who provided gifts and ideas for the challenge I send my grateful thanks. I am now looking forward to my 80th Birthday!! Kate x

Think my mum is going to be slightly disappointed when she gets slippers and talc for her 80th! I've got a feeling I've peaked present wise and that its all downhill from now on.

Talking of presents my friend Debi passed on this great present idea for children - Membership of the Nature Detectives Club run by the Woodland Trust. Its a great way of encouraging children to get outdoors and learn about wildlife, nature and the seasons. It costs £12 for annual membership and children receive a pack of stickers, posters and activity sheets to complete all connected with nature and wildlife. They are also  emailed a challenge to complete every Friday. Check out the website anyway as there are lots of free things to look at and do and lots of free activity sheets to download.


  1. Awww what a wonderful idea ;-)
    It was my Dad's 80th birthday on boxing Day - I designed him a This Is Your Life book for his - wioth pictures and the story of his whole life within it ;-) Maybe something you could do for your Mums 80th - to go along with the talc and slippers of course. See you haven't peaked ;-) x
    Happy Belated birthday to your Mum too x

  2. Lovely post! Your Mum must have been overwhelmed! I remember you planning it all!

  3. What a fab post from your mum, I am so glad she enjoyed it all, it was a wonderful captiviating thing that you did

  4. Oh bless her! I'm glad she liked the jam. I'm sure I'll be making some more this year so let me know if she'd like some more.

  5. That's a lovely letter from your Mum :)

    I've awarded you a Sunshine Blog Award, you can collect it HERE

  6. Hi just over here from BMB. Your blog is gorgeous!
    What a lovely surprise for your mum.


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