Thursday, 14 January 2010

January Challenge is completed!

My January challenge is complete - a lovely 'milkmaid skirt' from this fab tutorial on Crafterhours blog. Where are the pockets though I hear you ask and the cool bias binding??? Ahhh - I have to apologise to the lovely people at crafterhours as my skirt is slightly bodged redesigned shall we say as in my usual rush to finish before I start as the worlds most impatient sewer I didn't realise that a) I didn't have enough fabric to make the pockets and b) the binding I was going to use didn't really go with the fabric. Whoops! The essence of the skirt though is the same so ta da...........

The tutorial was great - I found it pretty easy to follow even though it involved making up your own pattern pieces from your own measurements (something I had never done before). It probably took me a couple of hours to make in total and would have been quicker but I did it over several nights rather than in one go. I'm still not sure about the fabric. My other half hates it (but what does he know?!). I'm thinking maybe its a bit old for Izzy but the skirt actually looks really cute on and I'm feeling very pleased with myself for a first effort. Lovely tutorial.

February's project will be not one but two pairs of shoes!

I'll be doing these for boys from a free tutorial on the Family Centred Life website

and these cute little Mary Janes from a pattern I bought from My Sweet Little on MISI. The pattern was only £2.60 which I think is a complete bargain. Watch this space for my versions!!

Don't forget my buggy blanket giveaway ends on Saturday. I took a photo of Sam having a little snooze under his blanket yesterday. He finally seems better now and is back to his usual happy self. Hurrah!


  1. I love the skirt, she looks fab in it.

  2. Personally I LOVE the fabric. I am a Manga fan so love all the cartoony japanese patterns. I want one! Well done you. It looks super cool. Samkins looks utterly adorable. So so so cute. And as for the shoes, gorgeous. Izzy looks very sweet to sporting her new fringe. Glad to hear you guys better! Keep well. xxx

  3. Excellent. Well done you. I love the material too. Your daughter looks adorable in it.
    Looking forward to seeing how you get on with the shoes.
    Rachael xx

  4. Yes, I think it's great. Pockets, schmockets. And I for one completely adhere to the rule of asking your husband what he thinks, and then rearranging his answer in your head until it is more suitable :)

  5. Congratulations! The skirt looks gorgeous on Izzy. My 2 year old daughter has a fabulous Kitschy Coo hoodie in the blue colourway of this fabric. She looks adorable in it and loves to wear it.
    Good luck with the shoes. Btw, I always enjoy your blog :)

  6. The skirt looks great! And I can't wait to see the shoes, that first pair is SO cute!

  7. That skirt is so cute!!! I'll trying it out for my little madam! I must ask where you got the fabric its amazing....we solove manga in our house....let me know if you can!!

  8. Hello again, I found the fabric - can't believe I missed it cos I get loadsa stuff from Courtney @ Seamstar!! She's got a great spring bundle offer on Alexander Henry fabric currently if you didn't know! How much fabric do you reckon I need - will 1m be enough, my girlie wears age 5!


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