Wednesday, 20 January 2010

In denial

What do I have in common with the following people???

Did you guess?? No I'm not gorgeous, rich and successful sadly................

Its this

Yes we are all 40 this year!!! I'm not sure how it happened but in 3 months time I will be 40. I was in complete denial until recently but my friend Paul who is 40 the week before me has insisted that we have a joint party to commiserate celebrate being 40. Its booked. I hate having parties though. They stress me out. I love going to parties just not being the host and centre of attention. Thats why I'm not married. I guess that I should mark the occassion though and lets face it once you have children you don't get out much anymore so I guess its a good excuse for a knees up. Also my alcohol tolerance is shocking nowadays. I've gone from being called Keg the beer monster in my 20's (yes a real nickname!) to a complete lightweight who just rambles on about nothing after a glass of wine and I really don't do dancing unless I've drunk a LOT of wine. Anyway we've found a fab venue called the The Crypt. Its underneath St Mary Redcliffe Church in Bristol which is an historic 800 year old church near the docks.

Its a cafe during the week but you can hire it out for parties. Its a really interesting place, very central and full of amazing arches like this

We are pretty much allowed to do what we want with the place for the eveing so what I need from you creative people is some ideas on what we can do to make it look even more fab and also some feedback from great parties you have been to. What makes a good party?? I'm thinking free champagne personally...

Anyway to cheer myself up I've just ordered lots of new fabric. I need to get motivated again and start making things rather than just watching TV. Theres some great new fabric coming my way so more fabric porn to oogle at very soon! My motivated sewing will not be starting tomorrow night though as this is returning to our screens

My favourite show since ER finished. I love it. I also have to add Rob Lowe to my ever expanding list of crushes. He can go above Christopher Dean but below Paolo Nutini.


  1. I birthdays are wonderful things, love the venue, it looks fantastic.

    For me good parties are all about making people comfortable and also a little bit wacky, but it needs to be you.

    So for me I would love a large BBQ and disco, but you need to find something that fits both of you.

  2. Looks like a great place to have a party, lots of fairy lights draping from arch to arch would be my suggestion and I know what you mean about the alcohol one glass and I am giggling like a hyena ...oops

    congratulations on hitting your challenge of 70 presents kept meaning to pop over and say well done :-)


  3. As you know i'm also hitting the big 40 this year and I want to know why I don't look as good as Claudia and Uma.
    No party for me but hopefully a weekend away!

    Beki xxx

  4. All the best people turn 40 this year! Apparently 1970 was a very good year! lol ;-)

  5. i too turn 40 this year and will definitely be telling everyone that big red hearts!!!
    louise i think the venue is super nad would say fairy lights too, really can't decide what i want to do for my birthday though - hide under the duvet i think!!!

  6. Hey im 39 in a couple of months so its not hit me yet but im sure this time next year I will feel the same!! That venue looks great for a party tho!

  7. Listen when you're 43 like me THEN you can moan!!! What with the hot flushes and all that it's SUCH fun!
    The blanket arrived and I'll give it to Daisy this evening and take a picture...Scarlett my daughter was very impressed with my competition winning prowess.

    P.S I'll fight you for Paolo!!

  8. The venue is sooooo cool! I think fairy lights tooo! Super cool. Loads of booze, job done. I went through the whole gothic phase between 15-17yrs so this is heaven! A crypt! Cool. Tee hee. 40 - who'd know as you still look like you are in the your 20's and as for your mental age ha ha! Oh, thanks for letting me know about Brothers & Sisters, I too am a die hard fan and would have missed it!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god there is something decent to watch on TV again. I love Rob Lowe too. Also saw last night that Desperate Housewives is back next Wed 10pm yippee. Coach potato here we come! xxx

  9. Excellent venue. You should just embrace it and have fun, Beside i was told you have to count 2 yrs as 1 once your over 30, so your really only 35! ( and im only 31.5)
    I have passed on a sunshine award to you btw.


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