Thursday, 7 January 2010

I'm going insane

I've been stuck in the hose with 2 poorly children for 4 days and I think I am going slightly insane! Izzy is much better now thank goodness but of course her pre school is shut. Sam is still quite chesty and very grumpy so we can't really do much and he just wants to be carried around the whole time which would be fine if he didn't weigh about a tonne. He's been waking up every hour at night coughing and Jon has been away in Manchester so its been me 24/7. Lets just say my resolution to be 'fun' mummy rather than 'grumpy' mummy is on hold for a bit. Thank god for cbeebies that all I can say. Jon due home tonight so keep your fingers crossed for public transport as hes on the train!

Thanks to Kelly at A place of my own for tagging me for the My Favourite Photo meme (what exactly does meme mean?)  I'm going to post 2 I think. The first we have on a wall at home and I was only looking at it this morning. Its Jon, Isabella aged about 16 months, Jon's mum and his gran. 4 generations of a family! Its special because Jon's mum died of overian cancer 2 weeks after Sam was born so its nice to remember her looking so well before she was ill. Jon's gran is now 92 and has just got back from spending Christmas in Australia!!

My second one is of Sam as I can't leave him out. I love this photo as he looks like such a happy cheeky chappy and its nice to remember that this is what he is usually like when he is not ill and grumpy!

I think I will tag Sugarmouse as I know she has a brand new camera and also because you should check out her blog because she is having a fab giveaway!


  1. Aww hope they all better soon and hubby gets home ok this evening. Hugs all round. xx

  2. Arggggggggg I hate the lurgy, my two were back at school and preschool today after 2 days off (school heating went- not snow, they are good with the snow, we have about 6 inches here). I have to say I love the second photo of Sam he looks so cheeky!! I lost an aunt to ovarian cancer, it is a really hard one to stop and with my pre disposition to cancers I had my ovaries removed in July 08

  3. Thanks for tagging me. I have just posted my favourite picture of The Whirlwind.
    I love that Picture of Sam. He is a very bonnie baby indeed!
    x K

  4. the novelty of this weather has absolutely worn off... i am so cold and missing my homeland of oz. and sympathise with the trapped in house feeling. boys are fine but still can't be out for too long as those little fingers get so cold, even in thermal gloves! stick with it... it's got to be over soon... i keep telling myself, anyway!

  5. Hope you better! Hang in there. Hope Jon got back safely. Really lovely photos. Both are very special. xxx


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