Friday, 31 July 2009

Gina Ford Where are you???

OK I need some help. Sam my nearly one year old has gone from being perfect sleeping baby (sleeping through at 6 weeks) to complete nightmare non sleeping baby. I can no longer smugly smile when friends talk about sleepless nights with screaming babies and its a bit of a shock I can tell you. He goes to sleep ok but now wakes up at about 8.30pm and screams until someone goes in the room when he instantly lies down and closes his eyes again. The minute however you leave the room he gets up and SCREAMS the place down. We then do this for several hours - go in, stop crying, leave room, start screaming. Its so much fun!! He has managed to step his crying up a notch too. If he gets no response he cranks it up until he starts coughing and sounds like he is going to be sick which of course ALWAYS gets a response from us. We usually end up picking him up and rocking him until he falls asleep again. Once he's properly asleep hes usually fine until morning. Thing is I want my evenings back. Its the only time I get to do stuff away from the kids. So what to do?? Am I being a wuss - do I just do controlled crying?? Any suggestions??

Hes actually sat on my knee right now as I type this one handed at 10.30pm!!! Love this photo of him but hes probably laughing at me in the picture thinking 'sucker!'

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Look at my lovely prizes!

I was just about to blog and call it 'I seriously need some Valium' after another morning stuck in the house because of the rain with 2 small children when the postman arrived (actually its a post lady - how sexist am I?). There was nothing exciting just a load of wet soggy bills as usual. Then suddenly 2 minutes later Izzy shouted 'the post lady is coming back' so I opened the door to find a box on the door step. It was only my giveaway prize from Emma at Jelly Belly Jelly Brain. Ages ago I won a giveaway on her blog for some Cadbury Creme Eggs. It was a while ago and when they hadn't arrived after a month or so I had this debate in my head about whether to contact her or not. I'm not sure what the blog etiquette is for missing giveaway prizes. I wasn't worried about not receiving it just that it might have gone astray in the post and she would think me rude for not saying thanks. Then I worried that if I did contact her she would think 'what a weirdo' getting so worked up about a couple of creme eggs (I think I may have 'issues' as these are the sorts of things I worry about!!) anyway I completely forgot about it until today when the box arrived and it was certainly worth the wait because it didn't just contain creme eggs, oh no, there was.........

1) The most gorgeous cupcake needle case with some cute pins inside. I practically hyperventilated when I saw it.

2) A gorgeous padded heart

3) A cute little button purse - Izzy bagsied this immediately

4) A cute little shabby chic heart with gingham ribbon

5) A cute little bunny hanging thing - Izzy has already put this in her bedroom

6) A sweet little badge and 7) a gorgeous button ring which fits perfectly

AND some creme eggs

Emma you have no idea how much this cheered me up today. You have stopped me turning to valium and for that I thank you!! I am no longer grumpy mummy but happy muumy who loves life again. I LOVE everything you sent. I'm off to find some more giveaways.........

Saturday, 25 July 2009

My head hurts!

Last night I went out for a few drinks with some 'mum' friends and I realised that I have become a complete lightweight. I only had 3 beers but I'm feeling slightly delicate today. I must have been slightly drunk as I seem to remember offering to set up and organise a reading group. I NEVER normally offer to organise anything. However I feel that my brain is turning to mush at the moment and it would be good to start reading again and actually have to have an opinion on something! My friend told me thats it actually really easy to start one and your library will order in upto 20 copies of your chosen book so that you can distribute them to your group. You then give people a period of time to read them and then get together to discuss (and drink wine!). So I'm doing it - I've chosen the first book already. Its 'We need to talk about Kevin' by Lionel Shriver. Its quite a disturbing book by all accounts and will definatley get a reaction from a group of mums which is why I have chosen it. Got me thinking about whether you could have a virtual reading group via a blog?? Anyone interested in reading this book and commenting on it at a later date on my blog?? Anyway better go and text my friends to find out who remembers agreeing to join the group and who still actually wants to do it!

Check out this gorgeous necklace that my friend Debi made for me. Its not even my birthday! She has been experimenting with glass cabouchons(?) and decided to give one to me as a present. I love it!! I'm not a great jewellery wearer generally but I love this because its so delicate and understated and just really pretty. I give her a tin of squid (see earlier post) and she gives me a lovely necklace. Seems like a fair exchange to me!!

Isabella's new favourite phrase this week has been 'mummy I love you and you are so pretty'. How lovely I thought with a tear in my eye until I realised that it is always followed 2 minutes later by 'Please can I have .....chocolate/sweets/crisps/a special treat. Three year olds are very clever!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Heres one I made earlier....

I've been feeling pretty motivated over the last week or so and have actually managed to finish some things. So ta is the 'No Sew Tu Tu' modelled by Izzy who is also wearing a black leotard that I used to wear to ballet. My mum had kept it and gave it back to me last week. The very idea that I did ballet is hilarious as I am really clumsy and uncoordinated and not in the slightest bit graceful! Lets hope Izzy doesn't take after me. She is so desperate to start ballet lessons.

I also sussed out the shirring elastic. Thanks for all the good advice. I love this dress. Its slightly too big for Izzy but looks great although Izzy took an instant dislike to it and refuses to wear it because 'it is white' and apparently she will only wear things I make that are pink or green. I tried to explain that it has pink and green flowers on it but she wasn't having it and I couldn't be bothered to argue. Thanks to Amanda at Kitschy Coo for the great free tutorial.

I also made some more bibs. These will hopefully be in my folksy/misi shop soon

And finally (because I dont want to leave him out because he is just sooo cute at the moment) here is Sam who is nearly one. We've forgiven him for the Tesco poo incident!!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Credit crunch gifts for fellow crafters

We all know people who love making stuff so I thought I would feature some credit crunch gifts for fellow crafters that cost under a fiver (well one is £5.50 but was so cool I couldn't leave it out!)

1) Button stud earings from Glue and Glitter £5

2) Cool 'Manefesto' poster from Aardvarkonsea £5.50

3) Mini Needle Case from LAM Designs £4.50

4) Knitting Bag from Plain Jane Textiles £4.50

5) Crochet Taster Kit from Rachel Henderson Crafts £4.99

6) Cactus Pin Cushion from The Dotty One £4.50

I'd be pretty pleased with any of these as a present (hint hint!)

Also wanted to mention Little Bird Too whose shop I've just discovered on Folksy. Gorgeous little tags, stickers and cards. I love this message card set which can be personalised for teachers. Would make a great end of term gift.

Emma is having a giveaway on her blog too so check it out and win yourself some goodies!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

I am sooo embarrassed!

We went shopping today to buy Sam his first birthday present as he is one in a couple of weeks. We ended up in a Tesco Homestore looking at playhouses for the garden when I suddenly caught a whiff of something rather nasty. As Sam seemed really happy I decided to ignore the smell and hope it was coming from someone elses child. BIG MISTAKE. A few minutes later I realised that it was definately coming from Sam so I had better do something about it. Only by then it was too late. I went to pick Sam up to find he was absolutely covered in poo. God knows what he had been doing but the whole of his back, his clothes, the buggy etc were covered. This has never happened to us before and typically it had to be in a very busy Tesco Homestore on a Saturday lunch time.

I must have looked slightly panicked as a VERY nice shop assistant asked me if I was ok at which point Jon picked Sam up holding him at arms length to show the lady our problem. I have to say Tesco Homestore shop assistants are FANTASTIC. She laughed and then took Jon still holding Sam at arms length up the escalater to show him where the changing facilities were. She made sure that we had a nappy and wipes (they provide both instore!) and when we sheepishly admitted to not having a change of clothes with us went and got a really cute babygro for Sam to wear home which she wouldn't charge us for. Her colleague also took all of our shopping which was hanging off the buggy to the till for us so we could sort Sam out. They couldn't have been more helpful and were just so relaxed about it that rather than being really embarrassed and uncomfortable we were able to laugh about it (although we can obviously NEVER shop there again!)

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Shirring rocks!

Thanks so much for the advice re sorting out my shirring elastic. It worked!! I basically tried everything said - rewound the bobbin, lenghtened the stitch and turned the tension up to max and lo and behold it worked!! 10 seconds is all it took. Thank you again. I was so impatient to get started last night that I got really frustrated. The only problem now is that i've run out of shirring elastic....half way through.....bloody typical!! Theres nowhere local to buy any either so I have to wait til the week-end and slog into Bristol to get some along with some more tulle so I can finish Izzy's tu tu! Anyway thought I would post a photo to show progress so far. Its going to look fab. I'm not sure if I've done the rows too close together or not but it looks ok. Will post a photo of the finished article hopefully over the week-end.

I got a lovely package of fabric in the post today. I have been after Rocket Rascals fabric for a while and finally found it on Fabric Inspirations website. The other fabric I just couldn't resist. Going to make some more bibs and maybe some little bags and purses. The fabric arrived the next day so I'm really pleased with the service from this website which I've never used before. Would recomend.

I'm off out tonight too!! Out for food and drinks with my antenatal friends from when I was pregnant with Izzy. Should be good fun although my friend Kate who can usually be relied upon to drink too much wine with me is pregnant so it might be a bit more of a sober affair than usual!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Help me!

I'm trying to make a shirred dress from a fab tutorial on Kitschy Coos blog. I was doing really well until I actually started to try the shirring bit. The bloody shirring elastic keeps going funny on me. Anybody know what I am doing wrong?? When I sew it doesn't gather at all and when you look at the back the elastic is loose inbetween the stitches (does that make sense?). You can pull it taut and it then starts to gather but i'm obviously doing something wrong (I blame the sewing machine). You have to help before I throw my sewing machine out of the window! I've tried adjusting the tension but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Any ideas??

On a happier note I've won a giveaway on Talking Beads blog. I have to make a bracelet from a kit she is going to send me and let her know how it goes. I can even choose the colours I want. Very exciting and also nice to make some jewellery for a change. Given that the last prize I won was a tin of squid, its a pleasant suprise to actually win something nice for a change!

Also check out Totally Tutorials blog. I found this on Stumble. They post a tutorial everyday and todays was a fab one for making a childs pillowcase dress (I had been searching for one online only hours earlier). Well worth a look.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Bibs, bibs and more bibs!

I've gone bib mad! I've been meaning to make some for ages and yesterday I finally got a spare couple of hours to have a go. What do you think? I'm quite pleased with them. These are for older babies prob 6 months plus but I'm going to make some for newborns as well I think. They have organic waffle cotton on the back which is really absorbant to soak up spills and are double stitched for extra strength. It was the first time I have used snaps that you put on using one of those special tools and a hammer and I'm really pleased with the result. They look really professional. I'm thinking about making lots more for a couple of Christmas markets I am doing. Not sure about pricing them tho. Is £8.50 ok? The last one is a travel bib which has 3 little pockets which contain a spoon, fork and packet of wet wipes so that might be a bit more. I'm thinking of making a very simple wraparound pouch for it so you can wrap it up and chuck it in your bag. Feedback most welcome!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Credit Crunch Gifts

Take a look at some gorgeous gifts I found on Folksy that don't cost the earth. Everything here is under £5. Hows that for a bargain!

  1. Vintage seed packet lavender sachets from Ragged Roses. £5 (I have one of these already and they are lovely)
  2. Little pink purse with matryoshka dolls from Haptree and Me £4
  3. Cute little textile house from Kitty Eden £4.50
  4. 'Do you hold the key?' angel fridge magnet from Lynn Fraser £2
  5. Canary bird bookmark from Glue and Glitter £3
  6. Organic red felted tub from Snowdrops and Daisies £5
  7. Diamond ring pocket mirror by Magic Alice £3
  8. Gorgeous star brooch by Polka £4.75

I was spoilt for choice when picking items so will do some more £5 and under gift ideas for children and then fellow crafters in the next week or so. Watch this space!

NCT Sale Mania

I love a bargain. I love table top sales, car boot sales and browsing round charity shops so when my friend Debi suggested going to an NCT Nearly New Sale tomorrow you would think I would have jumped at the chance. But I've decided not to go....why?

The last NCT sale I went to was with my mum and she offered to buy a baby walker for Sam. I found a great brand new looking one that was perfect so we grabbed it and after lugging it round for a while, put it in the special place for storing big items and carried on shopping. When I went back to get it, someone had STOLEN it!!! Well not technically stolen it I guess but removed the pile of things on top of it and pretended it was theirs. It really annoyed me at the time because I hate it when you realise that not everybody is nice and honest and decent - it always shocks me for some reason and this has put me off going again. But I've also decided that I dont like the way NCT sales make ME behave either! I'm not sure what it is - maybe its the queuing outside you have to do or the fact that they let members in first so you see them walking out with all the good stuff but they make me behave like a possessed mad woman. I end up charging around grabbing stuff I dont need just in case someone else gets its first. I dont like the fact that I think about barging past heavily pregnant women just to get a bargain. Its only NCT sales that make me behave like this tho, I'm generally fairly sane and nice and polite so I've decided to be a better person and not go tomorrow. I'm not going to become the sort of person who steals other peoples baby walkers!! Anybody else become a maniac at NCT sales??

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Swine Flu is coming...............

I phoned my GP to make an appointment today as Izzy was up with earache all last night and the first thing they said was 'do you have swine flu symptoms?' Apparently a couple of children at the local secondary school have come down with it. Great. The way the last year has gone you can guarantee that we will all have it within days. It seems like we have had every illness going over the last 12 months. Something to look forward to! Already making Izzy wash her hands every 5 minutes and seriously considering wearing a mask like Michael Jackson used to (not really!).

Have just been prancing around my living room doing ballet in a tu tu that I am trying to make for Izzy to cheer her up. It was not a pretty sight so i'll spare you any photographic evidence. My other half just raised his eyebrow and left the room pretty sharpish. I found a great tutorial for a tu tu and I'll post a picture when its finished as I ran out of fabric. Typical!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Grumpy Old Women

I was quite grumpy yesterday. I shouted at my other half and sulked for hours (overnight!) because he made a coffee and walnut cake. Why was I so upset that he had made a coffee cake I hear you ask??? Because coffee cake is the ONLY cake in the whole world that I DON'T like!! Apparently I told him to make whatever he wanted when we were discussing whether the cake should be lemon (my favourite), chocolate (second favourite) or coffee (urghhhhhhhhh!). I have no recollection of this conversation at all. If I did say it then what I OBVIOUSLY meant was 'make whatever you want as long as its lemon or chocolate'. Men! No idea. As I lay sulking in bed I realised that I have actually become much grumpier with age. I think its probably due to the lack of sleep that comes with children. Anyone else become a grumpy old woman?

Have bought some gorgeous things on folksy in the last couple of weeks.

This gorgeous jug cover from Silky Prudence is for my friend Debi - don't tell her though as she went off on holiday on her birthday and I haven't given it to her yet. Perfect for that jug of Pims in the garden.

A gorgeous personalised keepsake box for my friends new baby from Made in Hearts

and Emily Pickle is having a sale!! I bought 3 t shirts and some fabric and they are all gorgeous!

Also check out the Kitschy Coo blog as she is having a giveaway. Not one but two patterns up for grabs . Its the one I tested for her!