Sunday, 6 December 2009

Tu tu's are the way to go

My Christmas market yesterday was my best one yet. I sold loads - I still can't believe it. I am so pleased after a rather quiet evening one last week at a school. I can feel some more guilt free fabric shopping coming on. I only wish I had made more tu tu's - I made 4 as I wasn't sure if they would sell or not and all 4 were reserved in the first 5 mins! People then kept asking whether they were for sale or whether they could order some in time for Christmas. I'm off to Centre Parcs soon for a week tho so just dont have time to make anymore before Christmas. How annoying. If only you could predict what people will want!

I was having a quick look around the market before it started and got chattting to a lovely lady called Cath who had a gorgeous stall full of lovely fabric things. She had some really lovely door stops so I said 'oh no I just bought a doorstop online last night (see last post) what a shame - I wish I had waited'. I was joking about how annoying that must be to hear when I looked down and saw a doorstop that looked exactly like the one I had bought! Then the penny dropped that it was the one I had bought!! I had ordered it really late at night when most sensible people are in bed so she didn't realise it had sold. I  was able to take my doorstop home with me and Cath very kindly refunded my postage. Fantastic! It was lovely to meet someone else with a similar fabric addiction who also has to sew around 2 young children. I've encouraged Cath to put more of her stuff into her Folksy shop as its really lovely.

Next to Cath was another fab stall called Taylor's Typographical Art Posters. They had the most amazing prints for sale. I'm really tempted to get this one of Bristol for Jon.

The London one in her etsy shop is very cool too. They looked really good framed. She also does ones of New York, Rome and Paris

My present challenge stalled a bit this week and at 51 is only one more then last week thanks to the lovely angel keyring sent by Jean at Talking Beads. I promise to do better next week now that my final Christmas craft market is out of the way. Lots of ideas just need some time...


  1. Well done, oh more fabric - lucky, lucky you

  2. fantastic news... it seems to me that you just need to be in the right place with the right customers... i think of that when i stand quietly on some days/evenings! i had a busy day (unexpectedly!) at a local pre-school fair on sat. and then bought some new boots at birmingham when we visited the german market. hurray. oh, the boots weren't from the market... i wonder what german boots would be like...

  3. What a fantastic fair! Well done for selling loads. Your stall looked amazing. I loved the mulled wine pleased the day was a fab success. xx

  4. Well done on the fair. What great news.
    Rachael XX

  5. well done! Glad to hear some happy news from fairs :o) I missed your tu tu's - will search around for pictures, on the look out for one for my niece, but I guess I'm too late!


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