Tuesday, 29 December 2009

She LOVED it!

Hope you all had a great Christmas. As you will know from my blog my mum was 70 on Christmas Day and I set myself the challenge of making, buying or organising 70 presents for her birthday. Well she absolutely LOVED it! She was very shocked as she had no idea and was overwhelmed by all the presents. When I told her that complete strangers had sent many of them she just couldn't believe it and said it has restored her faith in human nature. She sends a MASSIVE thank you to everybody who helped me out with my challenge.  I wrapped all the presents in the end apart from a bulb that Izzy planted in a pot. As you can see it was quite a pile.

I was a bit worried that my mum who has very bad arthritis might find unwrapping them all a bit of a struggle and that it might take some time but my mum was like a woman possessed when she got started!! She loved unwrapping them all and ploughed through them at a rate of knots ably assisted by Izzy (dressed as Snow White!)

She did say however that it will take several days to really look at them properly and really appreciate just what she has received. We all had a lovely day  and I'm really glad that I made the effort because I could see that my mum really enjoyed it and it made the day extra special.

To top off a great day (with a fab Christmas dinner cooked by Jon) my Auntie Carol who is very ill was well enough to come over in the evening for a drink to celebrate too which was lovely. Another BIG BIG thanks to everyone who helped me out. You have made my year very memorable and my mums birthday very special! Random acts of kindness are going to be on my New Years resolutions list for sure next year in your honour.

Just when I thought the days of receiving lovely parcels were over, I received my final one all the way from California, USA from the very kind Kathy of Wandering Seniors. I'll show you the photo that Kathy sent me as they arrived wrapped up ready to give and I'm seeing my mum tomorrow as my brother and his family are visiting.

They came with a lovely card and some candy too! Thank you so much Kathy. I told my mum she had a pressie on the way from California and she was very shocked! We have a connection to California as my brother lived there for 5 years so its funny that she will get to unwrap them when he is there. They will be much appreciated and filled with photos of grandchildren I am sure. In fact maybe this one (Isabella sporting a new fringe!!)

or this one (although Sam definately needs a haircut too!)


  1. I love little boys with messy hair, there is lots of time for being all smart and this is not one of them!!!

    I am so pleased that your mum loved tham, you did a wonderful thing!

  2. Aww i'm so pleased she loved it. You did a fab job. I did 21 for a 21st once and 30 for my hubby this year. He was out in Afghan for his birthday so they were all bits of toot him and the lads could have fun with and a digital keyring with our son on it. You had a way harder job though with 70. Has inspired me to maybe try and do 40 at Forty for my sister in the summer.

  3. I'm so glad the package made it! I was getting worried. Looks like your mom had a great birthday. About Sam's hair... I think it's adorable. He's a cute kid, as is Isabella.

    You did a good job. I wouldn't have wanted to try that; probably would have given up half way through.

    What's next???? :)

  4. Congratulations on making it, the wrapping must have driven you mad! I am so pleased that she loved it and really pleased to be part of it. Thanks for including us.

  5. I so glad that your Mum loved all her presents and its been such an interesting and inspiring blog to read these past months with so many lovely people becoming involved, looks like you had a lovely christmas too!

  6. I am glad your Mom had a great day, you did an awesome thing for her, thank you for letting me a little part of it.

  7. I'm so glad to have been a part of your challenge. Your mum looks so lovely, it makes me feel great to know I have helped to make her smile on her birthday :)

  8. wow. it all looks great fun. and happy new year.


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