Monday, 21 December 2009

Only 1 to go!!

I feel a bit sad now that my present challenge is nearly finished as I have loved getting packages through the post and seeing what people have sent. Its been so exciting. I got 2 lovely packages today. A gorgeous parcel of homemade sweets from Fiona at Tutuly.

They look amazing. Not one, not two but 3 different kinds of handmade sweets as Fiona sent an extra one for me too - hurrah!! I am saving it for Christmas Day though so we can all share them. Thank you so much Fiona. I really appreciate it. They look amazing.

I also received this gorgeous bundle of fabric that I had ordered from Seamstar.

I've never used this website before but I have to say I am very impressed. They sell gorgeous fabrics. I spotted the amazing sewing fabric at the week-end and thought it would be perfect to make a sewing machine cover for my mum even though I thought it might be too late to get it before Christmas. I ordered it on Friday evening, it was posted saturday and I received it this morning. Thats fantastic service especially just before Christmas. It was beautifully wrapped and I also got a free brooch kit with my order.

I will definately be back for more in the New Year. Thank you very much. I would highly recomend.

I went to our local Farmers market today as there was a craft market too and treated myself and Izzy to a new pin board each. The fabrics are just gorgeous so I couldn't resist one for my sewing room and one for Izzy's bedroom. I also bought a cute little bookmark as a present for my mum.

I'm not sure the lady sells them online yet but I'm going to email her and suggest she sells them on Folksy. They were all so lovely, very reasonably priced and come with cute little pins or pegs as well. Lovely. I also bought these cute little felt labels. The kisses one is perfect for the little box of kisses that Izzy has made my mum. She made some little tissue paper flowers today and kissed each one before putting it in a cute little box tied with ribbon. We are going to attach this label to it.

I've just finished making the sewing machine cover so thought I'd attach a picture. I haven't measured my mums machine so it may or may not fit - I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. It actually looks a bit wonky on the picture. I'm hoping thats just the photo and the angle I took it at. I'm not going to check just in case it is wonky. I don't have time to do anything else - anyway its gives it character!!

Just the one present to go now and amazingly someone in California reads my blog and has sent something in the post for me. How exciting. Watch this space.............


  1. those brooches are beautiful- did you make the ones pictured?? Would you mind doing a tutorial??? Well done on getting all your presents ready. Happy Christmas x

  2. Sewing machine cover is awesome - absolutely beautiful material and sewing!!! Not long now. Are you on target for your 70 prezzies???? Good luck xxx

  3. Derrrrr! Just seen on the left hand side you are there!!!!! WOW. What an achievement. How cool. Your mum is going to have the best birthday EVER! It could be a loooooong day opening it all. x

  4. Love your little makes and the fabric is lovely I am off to take a look at the site.
    Happy Christmas and well done on the present hunt. Hope you mum has a fun day.

  5. Lovely gifts! It's such a great idea, I think I may do it for someone too!

  6. Love the fabric for the sewing machine cover!
    Well done you on getting it all together.
    Happy Christmas. karen x

  7. well done on getting to 70 presents, it's a great idea, the bookmark looks great! they don't sell very well on Folksy though, I've had some for sale since september and only sold one!
    hope you have a happy christmas!
    Josie x


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