Tuesday, 8 December 2009

One of those weeks

I knew it was too good to be true. I was looking forward to a leisurely week relaxing after my sweatshop style sewing sessions for my various Christmas fairs. I had visions of being sat on the sofa watching Holby drinking wine or sat purusing all the new fabrics I want to buy online. No such luck. Sam has been really poorly and is very wheezy so has been waking up every hour for the last 3 nights. Poor thing. He just wants to be cuddled during the day which means I spend most of my time carrying him around whilst trying to do everything else I need to do and he weighs a ton! I'm also really anxious whenever he is wheezy because last time he ended up in hospital. To top it off he had a poo in the bath tonight....again. Great! I got to spend an hour scrubbing the bath and disinfecting all the bath toys. Then to make matters worse Izzy realised she had left her favourite soft toy 'Kitty' at my mums house and had a meltdown when she realised that she couldn't sleep with Kitty tonight. I wouldn't mind but she doesn't usually sleep with the bloody thing. When I reminded her of this she said thats because she knows that Kitty is usually downstairs. She demanded I go and get him and had hysterics when I wouldn't. I'm afraid I broke all the rules by bribing her with chocolate to stop crying. It worked! Just hoping that everyone gets better soon as we are off to Centre Parcs next week for 5 days and it would be really good if no one was ill for a change.

Another personalised apron order was posted off today. This time for Ruby. I hope she likes it!

Apologies for the smudges on the photo. I think Sam must have got his grubby mitts on the camera!


  1. Just a tip on the wheezing (Maxi has a chest condition) a humidifier is a wonderful thing and they work really well in helping them breath more easily and if you are still concerned pop to your GP for some oral steroids (predneselone sp) as they should really help.

  2. Holby and wine - the stuff that dreams are made of!!
    Hope Sam gets better soon. x

  3. It seems everyone is fighting something off at the moment. Hope Sam gets better soon. Poo in the bath. I am SOOO glad we are past that stage.
    Rachael XX

  4. hope it all settles down soon. only ever had one poo in the bath hoping for no more, (it was at my mums haha!), Leo has a wheeze on him too, seems to come and go a lot recently. dr says nothing to worry about! hope they are right, don't want to end up back in the kiddie ward. off on hols next week too. enjoy centre parcs, which one you off too? x


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