Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Looking back and resolutions

Now seems like a good time to look back at 2009 and start thinking about 2010. I only started blogging in May and was sceptical at first - not sure I would have anything interesting to say - now I am completely addicted! I can't believe that I have nearly 150 followers as initially I was excited to make it to 10. Thanks to everyone who reads my inane ramblings and especially those of you who comment. It really makes my day!
There are many many blogs that I love but if I had to choose one - my blog of the year if you like - for me it would have to be Kitschy Coo. No other blog has so consistently made me snort with laughter while I am drinking my tea. Amanda you are hilarious and have brightened many a day with your photoshopped pictures and tales of hurricane craft markets. When I am having a bad day you always make me feel better as yours is usually worse!! Seriously though this blog ticks all the boxes for me. Amanda makes the most fabulous childrens clothes that inspire me, makes me green with envy over her gorgeous fabrics, does great giveaways and tutorials, is VERY funny and also occassionally writes the most painfully honest posts about her family actually admitting when things are tough sometimes. I think I admire this honesty more than anything.

My celeb of the year has to be the wonderful Phillip Schofield. As you all know I am slightly in love with Phillip particularly since I emailed him for my 70 presents challenge and he actually sent me a signed photo for my mums 70th birthday 3 days later. The Silver Fox rocks!

People of the year have to be the people of Wootton Bassett who started an amazing tradition of honouring dead servicemen when they are flown home from Afghanistan or Iraq by lining the streets in their hundreds. They have shown the soldiers and their families such respect by doing this and I am sure that the families greatly appreciate what they do. Everytime I watch it on the news I think what an amazing thing they have achieved as a community.

So onto 2010. I'm usually a bit rubbish at resolutions but next year I aim to...

1) Set myself a new blog challenge. Hurrah! This time you don't need to send me things though (shame!). I am going to make 12 items of childrens clothing. Thats one a month. I will blog about each one and talk you through my triumphs and disasters. First challenge to be unveiled shortly but possibly this cute little skirt

2) Get into twitter. If its good enough for Phillip Schofield its good enough for me.

3) Get fit. I am 40 next year so I just can't get away with being a couch potato any more. I'm going to try and join a netball team and eat more healthily. A woman cannot live on bagels alone!

4) Cook a new recipe from a cook book each week. I hate cooking. I cook under protest and my meals are never very inspiring and often burnt because I am blogging and ignore the beeper! I have promised Jon who does most of the cooking that I will come up with something better than burnt pizza and chips everytime its my turn to cook. This will be me below...

5) Make more effort. Having 2 kids is hard and sometimes I feel more like 50 than nearly 40. Its time to make more effort. This includes having my hair highlighted, having regular massages and maybe the old facial because as Cheryl Cole would say 'I'm worth it!' This also includes getting babysitters more often and going out and therefore actually talking to my other half.

6) Be more patient with my children. Be 'fun' mummy rather than 'grumpy' mummy. Try not to text, blog or check my email during the day when I could be playing with them.

7) Show my garden some love

8) Get to know my sewing machine better (the one that still hates me)

9) Go to bed early. I am always complaining about being tired but never go to bed before midnight. Its not rocket science is it?? I need to be in bed by 10pm given that my children (Sam!) wake up at 6am ish.

10) Do some Random Acts of Kindness. I intend to do unexpected and nice things for people just because I can. In fact I might keep a counter on my blog.

Phew - I'm going to be busy next year..............


  1. I think you have just written my next blog for me.
    I dont do NY resolutions but was planning on setting myself some challenges for 2010 and some of them are very similar to yours.
    I'll also be 40 next year, perhaps we should set ourselves 40 challenges (small ones of course 'hehe') before we reach 40, although admitidly I do have untill the end of the year.
    Happy New Year to you
    Beki xxx

  2. Great post! I feel the same for the new year, hehehe lets see how we feel after a few weeks?
    Happy new year tho!

  3. I am so with you on the 5, 6 and 7 points! Happy new year and best of luck. Look forward to reading about the monthly projects.

  4. i think you may have written my blog by mistake , although i will be 40 this year and now next, hope you have a great 2010

  5. If you do get into twitter do let me know, I am @Kellyfairy, I love it, possibly a bit too much but have learnt to limit it these days. It was great when I was pregnant, and it definitely fills a gap in my life now I am home all the time, replacing the office chatter I am used to.

  6. Good luck with the skirt! Let me know if you run into any poorly-described confusing bits, as there are bound to be plenty. Can't wait to see your finished product! and #5 is my main resolution too - thanks for articulating it so well so I can carry it around in my head now.

  7. I love this post (not only for the very kind words about my blog- thank you!) but your plans for 2010 rock! I so should have done one of these too but the end of January is a bit late methinks :)


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