Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Thank god the posties not on strike anymore

Not one but two lovely packages in the post today. Firstly the lovely Bridget at Poppyart sent me two lovely things for my 70 presents challenge. A gorgeous brooch

and some fab lavender angel wings which are made from lovely fabric and smell divine. Izzy has been sniffing them all afternoon.

The wings will be hung on our Christmas tree until the big day and then given to my mum to take home which means we both get to admire them!! The parcel was beautifully wrapped and included a lovely postcard. Thanks so much.

Bridget has a lovely Folksy shop full of nice things. I love these new superhero capes she has listed. Its so hard buying nice handmade things for little boys.

So are you ready for part two of 'fabric porn' as its been hilariously called?!

This time a package from Fabric Inspirations. This arrived in just 2 days and all the fabric was immaculate inside as if it had been freshly pressed. More great service from another UK business. I'm really impressed and would highly recommend.

Are you ready.....

Blokes just don't get the fabric thing do they? My other half just smiled politely when I showed him and said 'thats nice' in a very unenthusiastic way while my friend Debi practically hyperventilated over the cupcake fabric! Thats it now. I've run out of money. Off to make some new things!!


  1. Fantastic fabrics! I think it is quite good that chaps don't get the fabric thing - if they did they might realize how much we spent!

    Pomona x

  2. Chuckling at your other half saying 'that's nice'.
    I showed a gorgeous fabric to my other half a few weeks back and he said 'now if I was a woman I'd probably reeeeally like that!' which I think translates as something like 'I really do like it but don't want to appear less manly by admitting it', heheh!
    I'm much like your friend Debi, those fabrics you've posted are just wonderful!!


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