Wednesday, 4 November 2009


You know that sometimes when you ask people what they want for Christmas they say 'oh nothing' (I find parents often say this) well now you can actually buy them 'nothing'.

Was tempted to get one of these for my mum as a joke but at £8.95 inc postage nothing seems quite expensive to me!

Thanks to sykessillysite blog for the idea and link

Also if you are an exhausted mum worn out by constant childcare have a look at this post called
'I Mumbot' on a blog by Hot Cross Mum  - its hilarious.

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  1. I made some of these for the Christmas craft fayre, I used baby food jars and added a poem on a sticky label, a pretty tag and a fabric lid. I only sold them for 50p!! (Sold them all though)
    Maybe this year I should put my prices up lol.


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