Thursday, 12 November 2009

Christmas is coming...

Just in case trying to organise 70 presents for my mum and making stuff for craft fairs wasn't enough to do, I thought I would also enter the Folksy 09 Christmas Ornament swap organised by Noodle Bubble. I'm just not happy unless I'm stressing about something or working under pressure! Anyway I was starting to panic so thought I had better get on with it so here is my offering. I will be sending these to Sew You on Folksy and she will hopefully send me something back. We will then put the pictures on Flickr for everyone to see! As she doesn't read my blog I think I am safe posting a picture of what I made for her. I hope she likes them. A little pink Christmas stocking with a cute little bell. The felt is actually quite sparkly although you cant see it on the picture.

and a cardboard hanging box thing (great description I know) that contains some little chocolate Father Christmases (is that how you spell the plural of Christmas?? Probably not)

The hanging box came from this Pattern. You can print it off onto thin card and use it or trace round it as a template if you want to use other patterned card which is what I did. All you do is glue one side and put some ribbon through the holes. 'Simples' as the meercat would say.

I think Izzy and I are going to make some for her pre school teachers. Any excuse to get more chocolate!


  1. You are a glutton for punishment!! Anyway, I think your stocking is very sweet, shame we can't see the sparkles, sounds heavenly. Thankyou for the great and ever so simple box pattern, think I shall be giving them a go.
    Rachael XX

  2. Love the comment- I'm not happy unless I'm stressing about something or working under pressure - That is SO me too! Are you still up for the Valentine Heart swop?


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