Monday, 2 November 2009

I need some men in my life....

I've just realised that all the blogs I read apart from one are written by women. I'm not sure whether this is just because I tend to follow blogs about craft and sewing and kids so they tend to be written by women or whether women tend to blog more then men? Maybe there are hundreds of interesting male blogs out there but they are all about cars and gadgets and football (things that don't particularly interest me) so I never come accross them. Anyway I've decided I need some men in my life so if anyone knows of any interesting or funny male blogs send them my way!!

A big thank you to my friend Debi (the one I met in Tescos) for the gorgeous friendship bag she has made for my mums birthday.

There are a few variations on this theme I know but Debi's included
  • A candle to see you through the darkest night
  • a paperclip to keep it all together
  • a plaster to help wounded feelings
  • a rubber band - a reminder to stay flexible
  • a cotton ball to cushion the rough road ahead
  • a safety pin for the unexpected
  • a marble to replace any you have lost
  • five pence so you'll never be broke
  • a flower to remind you to stop and look at the flowers
All wrapped up in a cute little organza bag. Its a really lovely thoughtful present to add to the growing pile for my mums 70th birthday. Thanks Debi.


  1. Here's a great "man" blog

  2. Your are very welcome! Glad the present list for your mum is coming on well. You must be getting excited about giving them to her now. She'll be so surprised! x

  3. I've got two men following me! lol
    Wheelie & Rare Lesser Spotted
    Josie x

  4. evening... it feels a bit like the twilight zone... just found you via some other route, and recognise your great bibs from folksy. i make bibs, too. i have done for a while and they look a bit like yours. and you choose the most gorgeous fabrics. and freddie has just finished his shoebox ready for donation. your blog is great. take a look at good luck with the sleep tough love thing. we've had a bit of that with our boys,too. ahh joy! i'd love to send a little something to your mum, what a great idea. how do i get your address? freddie's birthday is 28th dec, harry 28th dec - so the old christmas birthday thing we understand! excuse this epic!

  5. I just found this 'daddy blogger' and think his blog is great!

  6. Single Parent Dad
    Dad who writes
    Bringing up charlie
    All that comes with it

  7. I love the idea of that friendship bag! And I think I am same as regards the girliness of blogging!

    Pomona x


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