Saturday, 7 November 2009

Gotta buy me some more fabric!

Had a great day today at the Misi Christmas craft fair. It went really well and I sold loads of things and got lots of really nice comments so I was really really chuffed. Lets just say I made enough for a bit of guilt free fabric shopping so I can finally buy some fabric to try out my new coat pattern from Kitschy Coo. Well done to Emma at Misi for organising the fair. They were queuing out the door at the start and she got lots of people into the really cool venue (its where they film 'Deal or No Deal' with Noel Edmonds!) with some great local publicity. It was lovely to meet some fellow Misi sellers including Jean at Talking Beads who I tested the necklace kit for. My lovely friend Debi came and helped me out too which was lovely as we were both child free so could chat without distractions for a change.

A craft wouldn't be a craft fair without a bit of shopping as well. I was very restrained but bought a couple of things for my mums birthday challenge.

A gorgeous pin cushion in a tea cup from All That Glitters. I love this. My mum loves tea and sewing and it was just too lovely to not buy even though I had made a pin cushion already. (I had to use the photo from All That Glitters shop as my photography skills really didn't do it justice!)

A cute little mirror from Plump Pudding made from recycled fabric

and finally - what do you buy as the 43rd birthday present for someone??

An apron for their washing up liquid of course! OK - I know its a bit random but it really made me smile and the washing up liquid can be present number 44. This is also from Plump Pudding who also sells  the most gorgeous badges and brooches and was very nice.

Jon and I decided that we should take Izzy and Sam to a Firework display in the evening. Shame we didn't read the info properly as instead of starting at 6pm as we thought it actually started at 8pm. The gates just opened at 6pm. So we spent £10 and nearly 2 hours dividing our time between a damp beer tent and the POURING rain waiting for the firework display to start. It was bloody freezing! We finally cracked and came home when a) Sam started turning blue with cold and b) Izzy started shouting 'I want to go home now' at the top of her voice so we missed all the fireworks but I did get to watch X factor so all was not lost. 


  1. Love the Blog, very cute and catchy! Come check us out at:

  2. What a lovely table disply, very bright and eye catching. I would have been over in a flash if I had been there :)
    Glad it went well for you and I just love the washing up liquid apron!

  3. Hi - lovely blog. It almost looks edible! Thanks for commenting on my 'Mumbot' post - I'm glad I'm not alone in this! :)

  4. I knew the show would be a hit. Your work is awsome and so much fun :)

    Hurray for you!!!


  5. Your stall looks fantastic. Glad to hear you had a good day.

  6. Your table was fantastic! So beautiful! Very eye catching. Really drew you in. So many gorgeous fabrics. An laddins cave! Loved the show. Ended up staying hours longer than intended - thoroughly enjoyed it! Great location. I was like a kid in a sweet shop with all my buys - also loved Plump Pudding and Loobycrafts stalls too. Got gorgeous sewscrumptious girls purse with dolly and coin; fabric broochs, an amazing ring, pencil box. Did intend most things to be presents but since coming home I've have fallen in love most things and might have to keep them! Thanks for a great time Louise, fab hanging out at your stall. Brilliant xx

  7. Was lovely to meet you and have a look at all your lovely things! Will need to find some more friends with kids PRONTO!

    I hope your mum likes her pin cushion :)

    All That Glitters

  8. this looks fantastic. i'm glad you did well. i stood quietly for two days at stalls at local markets last week... mmm. but onwards and upwards, we are getting closer to christmas so fingers crossed.

  9. Your stall looks amazing! I'm so glad it went well. i was offered a stall but didn't have enough bears made, but I may try for next year. Will you do it again?


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