Monday, 30 November 2009

Am i Weird?

I don't like chocolate - is that weird?? I spent Saturday morning running a chocolate stall for Izzy's pre school at the local school Christmas fair so was surrounded by chocolate but it just doesn't do it for me. One chunk is just about all I can manage - its so sickly

The kids however were OBSESSED with it. We had the most popular stall there and took over £150 (if anyone want to know about the game for a fundraiser just email me and i'll send the info). The older children who had money of their own to spend seemed to spend most of it with us. Basically they get to pick 3 balls and win either a small, medium or large bar of choclate with each ball. The odds obviously mean you usually win a small bar but kids were coming back 4 or 5 times to try and win a big bar. I felt slightly bad that a) they were spending £4 trying to win something they could buy for less than a pound and b) that some kids were taking home 12 bars of chocolate but its dog eat dog in the fundraising world!! Hopefully the chocolate will be shared with their mums most of whom also seem addicted to chocolate if their comments were anything to go by. So is there anyone else out there who like me doesn't like chocolate? As you can see my weirdness doesn't apply to any members of my family....this is Sam after sharing Izzys big win on the chocolate stall (not fixed honestly!)

I received this little beauty today for the Folksy Christmas Decoration Swap from Sew You. A really cute little Christmas Pudding for the tree and some little Christmas chocolates (that Izzy has already blagged from me). Its very cute.

Personalised aprons are a bit like buses - you don't see one for ages and then 4 come along at once. Been manically sewing aprons over the week-end for Orla, Maddie, Gwen and Bekah. I hope they like them!

I'm a great believer in fate.  Last night I was reading a really interesting post by TheMadHouse about Homestart volunteers and how much support they had been able to offer her. I thought it sounded interesting as have been thinking about doing some volunteering recently as a way of using my brain again and also getting back into work mode. I went to bed with a copy of my local free paper and flicked through and immediately saw an advert asking for Homestart volunteers in my town to start training in January so I'm going to give them a call and see if I can join. If I hadn't been reading about Homestart on the blog I probably wouldn't have picked up on that advert or given it much thought. Its obviously meant to be!! Wish me luck....


  1. Dont' like chocolate!!?? Yes you are weird! But quite lucky too, as it is an addiction I could do without - I have no will-power!

  2. I think it is a wonderful thing to volunteer your time - and I agree with you, it must be meant to happen when you encounter such a coincidence!

    Pomona x

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  4. Oh what a fun day, I think I only became a big fan of chocolate when I could'nt have it anymore, now I want it, but never before lol.

    Sam is darling.



  5. I don't like chocolate either...never have...except for After Eights - my husband says I'm the cheapest date ever!!

  6. I have to say you must be a little bit strange not liking chocolate, but all the more in the world for me!!

    Sam looks adorable with the choccie everywhere!!

    I am so pleased that you have been inspired, I have had such a good experiance with Home start I want to shout from the ceiling about it. We are truely blessed to have Wendy in our lives.

  7. Good luck with HomeStart! Sam looks adorable with his chocolate face, he sure is enjoying it. But I wouldn't say you're weird ,just a little bit unusual. My daughter didn't eat chocolate until she was about 3, she definitely didn't get the from me, as I'm loving it!!

  8. I don't like it either - unless I'm super-stressed when I'll eat it and everyone knows to keep away!

  9. Love the aprons! Clever you. Don't think I've ever met anyone (apart from my brother) who does not like choc! Perfect friend if there is a bar to share...I'd be able to scoff loads, guilt free! Hurrah says the chocoholic! Lovely piccie of Samkins. And LOVED the school fete. Lots of fun. Sawyer loved your stall and I still have some of his choc prizes hiding in the cupboards! LOL xxx


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