Thursday, 19 November 2009

Acts of Random Kindness - get the T-Shirt!

I love the idea of Acts of Random Kindness and having experienced many since starting my blog (and hopefully having done a few myself) I was really interested to hear about a new clothing company called Ark (Acts of Random Kindness Limited). Ark° have launched a new ethical clothing range of really cool tshirts which aim to encourage people to perform an Act of Random Kindness every time they wear them and make the world a better place.

This video kind of sums up what the company is about

The company is interesting in that while it's a for profit company, its money doesn't go toward personal gain and the owner has legally committed to never taking a dividend with the money going straight back into the company to spread and inspire their message of 'Arking'. They also encourage groups of people to get together to perform acts of random kindness in their local area. Its a great concept and a really interesting company so check out the website for more info. They also make great Christmas presents!!


  1. What a great company. Can't wait for my sister to have her third baby so I can buy here a gift from there!

  2. Hi Louise, thanks so much for the fabric! What a lovely surprise! I can't wait to get making with it. Kate xxxx

  3. Loving the company and its name too. There is an award over at mine for you and just to let you know, I will post once payday happens!!


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